Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Response

I think that the future though we may not seem to realize it, is full of surprises, what ifs, could Be's, and endless possibilities. The future can bring anything.
NO! It doesn't make you smart enough to drive a car, do you know how many five and six year old boys are playing games just like this? Does that make them smart enough to drive a car? Don't think so. We are made to wait till were 15 to start taking lessons for a reason, the government or who ever it was that made the law, thinks that once a person is 15 they are smart enough ,and responsible enough to drive a car. If you can fix a guys leg or arm on a game does that prepare you for a real life situation like that? Nope, it doesn't. You would probably freak out, scream, and then pass out on the flour and the person your trying to help would be there unconscious on the table, (looking like a dead person) and then when you finally did wake up you would realize it wasn't a dream then pass out again. :)
I think they are made just to be fun games to keep children busy well their parents work, clean, or cook. And try to take care of the child's needs.
I would say brain surgery, or umm I don't know any others, some people in the class say it's fun. Oh, and we could try the game Life where you have to go around the board, getting a job, going to collage or skipping collage, getting a car, a house,it's fun to play.
But if they start putting childern in hostiptal to fix people, well, then that would be pretty stupid.

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