Monday, November 30, 2009

The Pilgrims' Thanksgiving

When the pilgrims were sailing to the Americas, they were all crammed into their ship. They had to use a bucket for going to the bathroom and couldn't empty it very often. I can't imagine going 65 days without dong anything! I would hate getting squished against the side of the boat and getting bruised and cut because of the waves...

I hate doing chores now and I can't believe how much the kids had to do back then. I don't think I would be able to deal with all those chores! The kids had to wear so many layers of clothing back then and the boys had to wear dresses until they were 6. They didn't have very mush food to eat either. I like a variety of foods to eat, and I think the pilgrims would too!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The First Thanksgiving

Life was hard for the Pilgrims. They had to travel on the crowded ship with nothing to do for 65 days! They got bashed up against the side of the boat because of the waves. They got blown off course, too. I would have hated to be on the Mayflower.
I was surprised at how much clothing the Pilgrims had to wear. I can't believe that boys wore dresses until they were six! They had so many chores, like tending the fire or getting water. The Thanksgiving feast wasn't really a feast, either. It was used as days of prayer.
Today my teacher wanted us to write about Thanksgiving. I am also going to tell about the Pilgrims and Indians. The Pilgrims were people who came on the Mayflower from England. In America they had a hard time surviving. These people stressed modesty, were hard working, ate any thing edible, and were much disciplined. The pilgrims also had a lot of jobs to do to survive.
The Wampanoag Indians, on the other hand, were very different. The Indians had lived on the land for a long time. They didn't have as much trouble. These people were also hard working, were skilled hunters, respected the land, and were generous. Even though these people were very different, they came together and gave thanks.


The pilgrims and the indians lived two very different lives. They wore different types of clothing, housings, and lives styles. The indians wore not as modest clothes and the pilgrims wore a couple of layers of clothong. They lived in different types of houses. The pilgrims lived in english cottages or houses made of boards and other materials. The indians lived in small huts called wetus. The wetus were made out of bark and woven grass.
The first thanksgiving was different than what we have today. They had things like duck, venison or deer meat and sea food. Today we have things like turkey, mash potatoes, or cranberry sauce. Also they had to hunt for their food and shoot them out of the sky or they couldnt eat. Today all we have to do is buy a turkey and cook it. We dont have to do much work to get it besides buy the food. I think it was alot harder than than it is now to have thanksgiving.


I thought the web site was very interesting. it showed me that the Pilgrims and the Indians had two completely different lives. the pilgrims in my opinion wore way to much clothes. but the Indians just Waring a lone cloth is to little of clothes.
I didn't know the Pilgrim came on November 11th. it's to bad about the twin towers, other wise we probably would celebrate that as a special day as the day we came to America. I can't under stand why the pilgrims and Indians didn't like each other they helped each other. the i Indians had ever right to be mad because pilgrims were taking their land, but the pilgrims had no right to hate the Indian's or to take their.

Pilgrims vs. Wampanoag

The Wampanoag had life much easier. They didn't have to wear layers and layers of clothing, like the Pilgrims. The Wamponoag only wore deer skins and a small pouch. They had to do different things to their houses in summer and winter. Their bonus was that they had a fireplace. In the winter they would have to move to more wooded areas. The Wampanoag had rabbit, squirrel, turkey, and deer. They were also expert fishermen so they ate seafood. They had to carry corn with them when they traveled. They had to fetch water and get firewood as well as the Pilgrims. The Wampanoag didn't have schools, they were more focused on hunting. They had a popular game along with the Pilgrims, even though they were different.
The Pilgrims wore over seven layers of clothing. It seems that the Pilgrims also had better houses. They had defensive barriers, the house was about the size of an apartment, and they had extra sleeping area above the main room. Pilgrims had duck, seafood, cornbread, pudding, and oatmeal cereal. The Pilgrims had spoons and knives, the Wampanoag didn't. The Pilgrims had more chores than the Wampanoag but they were simple. They didn't have schools, but some parents taught their children. The Pilgrims were very religious, so they learned Bible verses.

I think that the Pilgrims had an easier life than the Wampanoag.

Early Americans' Hard Life

The Pilgrims did have a hard life! If we had to go back to no technology whatsoever, I think we would all get frustrated and complain. The pilgrims probably didn't enjoy the work, but they never knew how easy or fast it could be with the stuff we have today. We would have it harder than them because we do know how quickly work can be done. Most of us don't even realize how lucky we are that we have the technology. We are continually being told that we should be grateful, and we know we should, we just don't take the time to really thank God that we have life so easy. Even though we have a whole day every year to just be grateful, we all take advantage of our easy lives and just carry out the traditions that the Pilgrims started.
The Wampanoag had an easier and a harder life at the same time. It was easier because they knew how to live through the different seasons. The tricks to their lives had been passed down to them from their ancestors for generation after generation after generation. They also had it harder because all they really knew was to use nature, but not to abuse it. The Pilgrims had learned their own tricks from England. The Wampanoag respected nature, and therefore we should respect them.
Life was difficult for the the pilgrims. The pilgrims did alot of things different than we do today. They did alot of things with tools that we didnt even know how to do if we didnt have them. The journey on the mayflower must have been crazy. People didnt have much of an education back then.
People wore alot of things back then. They wore like 5 layers of clothes. It took alot longer to get ready back then than it does now. The games they played back then were alot different then we do now in some ways. The pilgrim houses are still kind of like how now a day houses are made. same concept.

I'm shocked on how many things the Pilgrim girls had to wear, it seemed very simple. I thought how they used a pouch for the pockets. The Pilgrims were very creative to use plant colorings for their dyes. The Pilgrims must have had a lot of patience to sow each piece of clothing by hand. They ate mostly seafood. I find it interesting that they ate with their hands, even though the Pilgrims had spoons and knives. Tending the fire was one of the most important jobs. The heat was to keep the houses warm and to cook the food. Many young girls had a job to do in the garden. The Pilgrims didn't wash their clothes often because water was limited. Both the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag had to fetch water so they could use it for cooking and drinking. Children were tought by their parents, because there were no schools. The most important lesson was to learn the Bible verses. The children had time to play games. The most often played was to shot a marble in a box.

The Wampanoag went a more simple route than the Pilgrims. The men only wore deer skin and had a pouch for their belongings. When they had special occassions, they dressed up a bit more. They were so creative to use their natural resources to make jewelry. The Wampanoag men hunted for their food; wild animals. When the men would bring the food home, the women would turn it into sobaheg, a meat meal. The wild meat weren't the only thing the Wampanoag ate, they also fished. They would tie a dry clam to a string and fish out of their hand made canoes. When winter came around, they would move to a warmer place to conserve fire wood. The thing the boys learned were to hunt with a bow and arrow. The Wampanoag would have pyshical challenges to find out who was the choosen warrior. The young boys would also have to learn how to make his own arrow. The Wampanoag played a game called Pin game.
The Pilgrims and Wampanoag lived difficult lives.

The First Thanksg

It was really hard for the pilgrims and the Indians. The Pilgrims had a hard time to get where they wanted to go. They got turned around or went the wrong direction. They had to go though a storm and someone feel over board. The Indians had a hard life too. The Indians didn't really have the kind of clothes that would keep them warm during the winter or the kind of houses. The Pilgrims had to build there houses and it was alot of work. The Pilgrims had alot of clothes. The Pilgrims had a lot more chores then the Indians.

The First Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!

When the pilgrims first set sail to come to America, it was a hard and trecherous time for everyone onboard. The ship that they were coming to America in was called the Mayflower. They were halfway to America when a huge storm came and put holes in the ship causeing it to take water in. After the storm was over, the men onboard went to work to fill the holes in so the ship wouldn't sink. They filled the holes with caulk and covered it with wood. After everyone recovered from the storm they set sail again, but got blown way off of course. Instead of turning around right away to head to their wanted destonation, Virginia, they headed toward Newfoundland to buy more supplis and ready themselves for the trip to Virginia.
They then got to Virginia after 65 days of being onboard the Mayflower. They landed at Plymouth Rock and it was a hard time for everyone of the pilgrims. They had to build their own homes well enough to withstand the weather and they had to build enough homes for everyone to have shelter. They needed to hunt for their own food and they mostly had duck which the women then cooked over a fire. The weather was very harsh on the pilgrims and they would not have survived in the new land if it wasn't for the Wampanoag people who shared their knowledge of local crops and navigation. The pilgrims were very thankful to the Wampanoag people and wanted to thank them properly. The pilgrims decided to have the first thanksgiving and invite the Wampanoag. The feast lasted for a week and they had muliple feasts everyday. Sometimes the pilgrims ate seperatly from the Wampanoag, but most of the time they shared their fod together. They mostly had duck, venison, cabbage, onions, corn, and squash.

The Pilgrims Journey

The Pilgrims had a rough voyage to Plymouth Rock. They weren't allowed up for fresh air except to empty chamber pots! I can't even imagine how bad that would be. They had awful storms and The journey on the Mayflower was not pleasant!
Everything is way different then it is now. Everyone had to wear so many layers of clothes. The boys had to wear dresses at a young age. I certainly don't see that now! The Native Americans and Pilgrims definitely had different customs. They were both very resourceful
using what they had to make more.
The Pilgrims had no schooling, and their parents only taught their children if they wanted to. Most Pilgrims did not get education. The Wampanoag learned different things than the Pilgrims did. The Wampanoag learned things about nature, and making tools. Learning is the best thing we can have. If that's taken away then all we have is what we know, we can't advance any further.
The whole family helped make the meal of the first Thanksgiving. The Wampanoag came to the feast and shared their dishes with the Pilgrims. The feast lasted all day long. The children and adults played games and danced. The Pilgrims let the Wampanoag stay with them, because it was a long walk home.
Thanksgiving is great holiday, no matter what era you live/d in! Happy Thanksgiving!

Pilgrims Journey

The Pilgrims had a long, hard journy from their old homes to their new homes. They had very little privacy. I would also hate not having a toliet and having to use only a chamber pot. Being cramped in a ship with hundreds of people for over two months would have gotten very boring. I'm sure the food wasn't the best either. It also must have been hard because they didn't know how the water was going to be and they suffered through a long storm which blew them off the course and threw one person overboard.
I learned alot about the first feast. It was alot of work to get ready for this. First, the men and sons had to go out and shoot the duck to eat. The women had to roast the plucked ducks while the children grind the corn. Massasoit sent men to hunt deer as a gift to the English. Thanksgiving back then copared to today is very different. They didn't even have turkey! Our family only celebrates Thanksgiving one day. We eat only one day too! The Pilgrims had a weeklong feast! I think that would be nice! They do some of the same things today as in playing games! My family and I always split into teams and play games. But, we don't play them outside unless it is really nice out. We have our family from out of town come and visit us, but they don't have to build their own home. We let them stay with us!

The pilgrims

Life was very hard for the pilgrims and the Indians. They didn't get to go where they wanted to because they had to walk or not even bother going and they had a hard life of sitting on the ship for 65 days. The houses were not very big they were not even the size of a apartment building. try to imagine living in a house that is smaller than a apartment. They didn't really have any clothes either the Indians only really had cloths and the pilgrims had a lot of clothes to wear. The clothes wouldn't protect them from the cold of the winter. The pilgrims and the Indians had to be very good hunters and gathers to be able to survive the winters and all the rest of the seasons.

The First Thanksgiving

In colonial times the life of a Pilgrim was much different than today. They did not have all of the things that are part of our normal day. They did not have any of the technology that we get to use all of the time. They couldn't just go to the grocery store and get food. They had to hunt or grow all of their own food for their families.

They said on the website that they did not have running water. It was probably hard to get the water every time that you needed it. If you needed water in the winter it would be frozen or very cold. You would have to heat up all of the water in the fire. They did have all of the foods that we have at Thanksgiving. They had many different kinds of food.
It was a hard life for the pilgrims. Their houses weren't very well made and were about the size of a small apartment. Even getting dressed was a chore because they had to sow their own clothes by hand and they had to sow their shirt and pants together so that they would stay up. They didn't have forks so they ate with their hands. Also they played a game called knicker box.

Their chores were hard. They had to plant and harvest all their plants by hand. Girls also had to muck the garden. They must of had to use water carefully since they didn't have running water and had to go outside to get it. Also to get meat meat to eat they had to shoot it themselves.

Today's Blog Assignment

Today you will be going to and working your way through "The First Thanksgiving." Use headphones to listen to all of the different things that happened on the Mayflower, how they lived their daily life, and the first feast itself. When you finished watching and listening to everything, write a response to what you saw and learned. It should be 2 paragraphs (4-5 sentences each) and proper grammar and punctuation is expected.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

today there is a lot of technology, and if you want it to serve for your benefit you need to learn how to use it. It's important for schools to teach computers and other technology classes. this is some thing that St. Johns dose; which is odious because if we didn't we wouldn't have a blog right now. blogs are important because they can keep you in touch with other schools, and help you improve your own school. also computers can help you with just about any thing school related so they're important.
The St. Johns computer system really helps students with there school work. this blog helps me get with my home work. hopefully this will get me more organized for hie school. I like the Idea

Importance of Technology

Technology is very important in the classroom because we do a lot of research and work on a lot of projects on the computer. Technology is also important i the school because we can share information and tell the parents what's going on in school. We can do many different things on the computer like slide shows, papers, ads, and much much more! We can learn about what people are like and what they do from around the world. The technology that we have is a great way to communicate and share information.
So far this year, we've learned how to make a website, how to use Microsoft Publisher, how to make a professional slide show, and how to blog. The more important things that we've learned are blogging for homework, using Microsoft Publisher, making our amazing class website, and making professional slide shows. Some things that I will take with me and use in high school are the blog, website, email, Microsoft Publisher, and Microsoft PowerPoint. So I think I would probably take and use everything in high school!


Technology is important because it shows how to do things on the Internet. It shows how to do more things that u haven't known about. It tells more things that u wouldn't always know about if u didn't have the technology.
I learned how to do more things this year than i did before. Some things have made it easier if you know what ur doing. It is helpful to have technology cuz it makes it easy.

Technology Importance

Technology is very important in the modern world. Without it , we would have to put aside a lot of extra time to write and research things for school. Plus, we can use spellcheck, the Internet, email, etc. The Internet provides hundreds of resources at once, whereas encyclopedias are only one resource. Email is important because we can contact people we need to talk to from across the world.
I've learned a lot about technology over all the years at school. I've learned more than I would've learned at home. I will probably use all of the information for the rest of my life. Some people's lives depend on technology.


Technology is a big factor in the classroom. Technology is a very big part in what we do. If we didn't use computers we would get to do a lot of fun and educational activities. I and many other of my classmates enjoy using the computers. If we didn't use calculators all of us would be failing math for sure.

I have learned a lot about technology this year already. One thing that i have learned about technology is how important it really is. Most of us take it for granted and don't evan realized how important it is, but with out technology all of us would be lost. I have also learned how to do a lot of things on the cpomputer.


Technology is important in class and school because then it will be easier for you to look up things and it we could not look to see what we had for homework if we forgot what it was. If we did not have phones it would be hard for the parents to call the school and tell them if their child is going to be late or not coming. They would have to run all the way to school and then go back home.
This year so far i have learned how to link a website to a power point. I also learned about how to make a website or blog. I also learned about publisher this year. What i learned this year that i can take with me to high school is how to make a website hyper link other websites to something you are working on.

Jason Pica II

It is important to use technology in the classroom. When we get older and go to college, we will use even more technology. After we get a job, we will use many more forms of technology. We are better off learning the importance now, then waiting to the last minitute to learn.

I have learned how to make a website and how to set it up. We have learned the importance to use technology to the fullest. This is fun, especially because no other teacher would let us use youtube on a reagular basis. I think it is important to use technology in school to a certain standard. First, we need to learn how to use it because in todays life all the US uses is technolgy. Second, we shouldn't use too much of it because else we will not get smarter in what we are learning.


I think that technology is very important in the classroom because if we didnt have it we couldnt find out what we had for homework because we wouldnt have cellphones or probally even house phones. It would be alot easier to look things up on the internet. If we didnt have phone the parents wouldnt be able to call the school if thier child would be late or not able to make it.
We have learneed how to use publisher and how to make a class website and a blog and i think that i was very fun and ill be able to use it in high school.


Technology is important, because it makes it easier to find different thing and help for homework. it is important it have this stuff, because my parents didn't have this stuff when the growing up. with technology you can get smarter faster. it's amazing that this technology is very advanced and gets better every day.
I learned that it is illegal to copy and paste stuff. and how to use a scientific calculator. It is fun in computer lab,because we can listen to music on YouTube. Technology is important and I'm thankful that we have it in our school.

Technology in the classroom

I think that technology is important because without it we couldn't do the same things we do today. It is important in school because if we had no technology we have no computers, and without computers you cant type a report or do what we're doing right now. Also if we didn't have computers we couldn't have computer class. If we didn't have technology we wouldn't accomplish a lot in subjects like literature and English, because we couldn't write stories or do the writing chapter in our English book.
The things I have learned this year about technology is i learned how to make a website. I also learned how to use blogger. I also learned about different website and how to work them. I found new games to play.


Technology is very important in every day life. Technology in school is also important. It helps you learn and research at school instead of all at home. You can use spell check rather than writing it on paper. The internet has more resources than a textbook. We do alot of slides on the computer, which involves technology.
I have learned alot about technology this year. I have heard of blogs before but I never knew what they were. I feel that learning about technology will help me in my life. I have learned how to learn power point better and I've learned about blogs. I think that I'll be able to use blogs in high school. If I have a question I can just blog it.


Technology is very important in the classroom. Technology is the future as far as I'm concerned. It is a gateway to jobs and careers. We can learn so much just by looking at the computer screen. Technology is getting better and better each day, and seems impossible to live without.
I have learned how to do many things with the Internet and websites, stuff I didn't think I would learn at St. Johns. You can do so many things with technology. I feel that I will definitely take this to high school with me. I love technology!!!

Technology in the Classroom

I think technology is important in the classroom and everywhere. It is important to learn how to use technology because computers and other technology items will be used the rest of your life. Everyday more and more things will involve the use of technology. You can learn how to do things on the computer that will make things faster and longer. The Internet has many useful resources you can use to get information.

I have learned how to make slide shows better. I knew how to use a lot of the things in making slide shows but now I know more. I learned that you could also create documents on the Internet through google documents. I have also learned that you can teach through slide shows.


Technology is important in school because it makes things easier. You can look up a definition of a word, work on a presentation, and post on our blog all at the same time. Everything is faster with technology. You can look up information in less than a minute. It keeps things organized.
This year, I've learned how to make a website or blog. I never knew about publisher before this year. G Mail documents is a better way to store documents than a flash drive because you save them to your account.I can use the things I've learned to make a website for high school. I can make better presentations and documents.


Technology is important and very useful in our lives. We especially use technology in business and classroom. We can look up many things and learn information on the computers. The computers are good to have in a classroom, because, then, you can find answers and look at the news. The Internet is a big part of our lives no matter where we are. It is, also, faster to use than a dictionary or thesaurus. We can use it for a class website or trying to get a job; now there are school classes you can take online in college. We can write papers and use spellcheck. I think the Internet is a good thing to have, but we shouldn't get carried away and use it non-stop.

I've learned how to use the computer properly. I have also learned how to spell certain words and the use of punctuation. I've also learned how to make a good PowerPoint. I will always want to have technology in my life, without technology we wouldn't be too far.


I think technology is very important in our classrooms and part of our school. It helps us with a lot of homework when we need to get information from the Internet. You can learn a lot of new information whether it's dealing with school, weather, wars, or just worldly news. The Internet can help you in the future to apply or get good jobs and it can also help you to find the highest paying job that you would like.
The things that I have learned about technology this year is that it can be good and helpful at times, but it can also be bad and get you in trouble. You have to use technology carefully because you can get harmed from it at times or get in a lot of trouble. You need to treat all technology like it is a privilege to get to use, because not everyone in the world gets to use the technology that we get to. The Internet is very useful and helps everyone learn new things and even play educational games.


Technology in our classroom is very important. I think its important because we can be more independent in the classroom having more things on the computer. When we do stuff on here we can learn how to use the computer and be able to understand what goes on while using the computer. Technology I think is used most in business because people in the world are using the computer to make orders or to just email their coworkers.
This year i have learned many things. I learned how to do blogs and to make our own website. I've learned how to rely more on the computer to find assignments, talk to friends, or even ask for homework help. Next year I know how to have better study skills and how to use the computer for help. Next year i will use my laptop during study halls and free time because Miss W. has showed me having a computer helps you to multitask.
I think that technology is very important in the classroom. It can help you learn and do research when using the computer. You can use spellcheck and grammar check on different word programs. You can learn a lot more from the Internet then you can from the book. Also the computer and internet open up new ideas and ways of doing projects, such as slideshows and blogs.

I have learned a lot about technology. I think that learning about blogs is important. I think I will use this when I get to highschool. I can talk to people in my class. You could talk about homework and different events. You could be more connected to your school and friends.

Today's Blog Assignment

Today we're going to write about technology. This will be a 2 paragraph, 4-5 sentence per paragraph blog post.
In the first paragraph you will write about the importance of technology in the classroom and school. What can you do and learn by using new technologies now?
In the second paragraph you will write about things you have learned this year about technology. What have you learned that you feel is important? What have you learned that you will be able to take with you and use when you go to high school next year?
This assignment will be worth 10 points.
5 points: your following of the directions
5 points: what you say in your post