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Twitter, is a mix of Gmail and Myspace. It let's people talk and share their ideas with other people. You can also commenting on other peoples opinions and beliefs,it makes you a more well rounded person. It's also similar to a newspaper, you can see what's going on in the world. You can also search and find, your friends and family, pictures, and videos.
You can use Twitter to see what's going on with friends and family. Let's say, for example, you need help on a homework assignment, you can ask a friend on how to do it. If you are sick and don't feel well, you can see the news on Twitter. You could post ideas, and check up on your account. You can also "tweet" on work, about your life, friends, books, music, or what ever your doing.
If used in a class room the most logical way to use it would probably be like a teacher contacting a parent, or legal guardian. Students that are on travel, or on vactaion can send messages to teachers, and students; if they need help with any homework or such. Also a teacher can assig homework to students through Twitter. The students, (or teachers) can "follow" each other talking about schhol, sports, or what ever. In conclusion Twitter is useful for just about everyone.
By: Alana and Ashley

Ed and Matt:Blogs;

What are Blogs? Thats a great quetstion. Blogging is when you make a post for people to read, and also for people to possibly comment. I think blogging is a usefull thing to do. You can just write about anyhing you want, and people can read it. This also inspires other people to start blogging. Bloggin can have any type of topic. One blog you can be talking about Kentucky being the best college basketball team, because of John Wall, or other times you could be talking bout astronauts.
When you do this, youn can get information out a lot faster to people. People from any corner of the world can view your post, and you can also view anyone's post from anywhere. Going to different types of websites you can view people's blogs. Not all websites have sections for blogging. So, make sure to go to a website that has blogging if you want to view blogs. Some of these websites are:blogger , wordpress, myspace, and many other websites. By looking at these post from other people we can learn about different things, and how other peolpe view things.
You can even use blogging for class websites such as ours. Teachers can make blogg assignments for grades. If you need help on homework, or if you need information you can just post a blogg, and people can comment on it. On our website we have a weekly blogg assingment, and we also can blogg anytime. Other classmates can view and comment their fellow calssmates' bloggs

Video Search Report

Youtube is one of the most famous video sharing websites around. First you make a video and upload it to your computer. Next you go onto youtube and click the button that says upload, you pick the video that you made and it should start downloading. It normally takes anywhere from 15-60 minutes depending on your computer and how long of a video it is. People can search your video by the name of your movie, the description, the tags, and the catagory it falls under, but if you dont want your movie public you can click the private button.
You can use this kind of website for many different reasons. Some of which are for finding information about movies, music, and people. Another way youtube can help is by making you laugh or finding information about a certain topic. Here is an educational video we found on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47c6z2mrTEM.
It can help figure out problem sin math or english or any other subject in school. It can make learning fun by acting out events that happened. Here is an example of way youtube can help make learning fun and show projects for school. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PVihXw__k2c. Youtube is a good source for young and old people, it has many options to do and can help out alot.

Google Applications

Our topic is Google Applications. Google Applications allows you to search tools, google books, google news widgets, use Google Docs, and google maps. This gives many resources to enhance the learning experience for both students and teachers. If you use this, you can save money, have privacy and security, you are able to collaborate, and you can receive help easily.
We could use this tool daily by finding resources for homework, making charts and graphs, teachers could create quizes, tests, or puzzles easily, translating documents, or using a dictionary or thesaurus. We can do all of that AND MORE on Google Applications. This would be helpful to people our age because we could use this for homework.
We could use this website in the classroom because it collaborates globaly, meaning that you can open the same document from any computer without saving it on a flash drive.

Victoria Chaudoir #5
Hailey Larsen #9

Social Bookmarking By: Natalie and Becca

The social bookmarking is all about popular webpages and places visited on the internet. Whenever someone thinks a webpage on the internet could provide useful information to many other people, they can post the webpage on the social bookmarking page. The social bookmarking page is mainly used to help other people find information faster than searching it on the internet and trying to find a good source to use.
People of all ages can use this tool so then it can be easier to find information on the internet. For example, people do not need to go onto Yahoo or Google and try to find one information source out of thousands available to the public. The social bookmarking page can hold thousands of different information sources to help anyone. Click here to see what the social bookmarking page looks like. -> Link Here
This webpage could be useful in classrooms so then kids would not be spending a long time on the computer trying to find one information page. That way more kids would be able to use the computers faster by just going onto a social bookmarking page. This website we have listed in the blue shows how fast information can be found on social bookmarking pages. -> Link Here


A photo-sharing website is any website you can upload pictures to. You can use it to share pictures with people you know, or even the world! You can go to a website such as Flickr or Photobucket to accomplish this. With a simple click of a button, you can upload or view an unlimited amount of pictures. Those are not the only reasons for photo-sharing, however. These webistes can also be used to back-up, protect, fix, and print pictures. Photo-sharing websites are the perfect way to enhance your online photo experience.
Photographers probably use photo-sharing websites a lot. People also could use photo-sharing websites to find those photographers. The youth aspiring to be photographers, if they're serious about what they want to be, use these websites a lot. People use them for simpler reasons, too. They might just want to show their friends or family the pictures, too.
Students could use photo-sharing websites to keep important class pictures in one place. Some websites allow you to create a password for the pictures, so only the people that can see them are those that they choose. Maybe some classes have an end-of-the-year slideshow with a bunch of pictures on it. We do. We also have a class website, and we can use those pictures on the photo-sharing websites to store pictures we want to put on the website.

e.g. Flickr, PhotoBucket, Shutterfly, Snapfish

By: Dana, Madison, and Ana


Wiki is a website that can be created and edited as a web page to give information. Wiki consists of much information, from animals to machines. It's an online encyclopedia. People can make a new page with a topic such as, a state, book, or animal. It allows you to edit any pages that have mistakes or that have missing information that should be added.

Us, as students, can use wiki a lot because it allows you to look up various information at a faster speed than searching in a book encyclopedia. Most students our age use this for projects and research. While doing research, we can relate more to this modern encyclopedia, than a more elaborate type of encyclopedia written in the past. If you want to look up a specific person, period, book, etc. you would use the site http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page. If you have a specific question that you need to be answered you will go to Wiki Answers.

If the teacher wants you to look up a certain answer than you can go to Wikipedia to get the answer. This is always helpful for homework. Teachers can use this to get information on something that they might want to do with their students. If they are not absolutely positive on a subject they are teaching, they can aquire information to use. Wikispace allows you to post things on a class website that students and teachers can look at.

Video Chat

I think that it's good to use video chat because if you don't have a cell phone or a house phone, you can talk to people face to face. If you have a computer that has a web cam and microphone and have a Gmail, Skype, iChat, or another video chat program or website you can video chat with other people. It is useful because if you need help with homework you can ask someone and they can show you how to do the problem over the computer instead of explaining it on the phone It would be a clearer way to understand the problem and some people have a hard time if they can't see it. If someone goes on vacation and you want to talk to them face to face and see what they are doing you can video chat with them. They can show you what the place they're on vacation at looks like.

Search Engines

Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Ask are all search engines. You type in a word or a sentence into the search bar. Also it finds links to websites that are related to or may answer your question. You can use to find directions to places you want to visit, translate words, job searches, video and pictures searches. You can even use it to find gaming sites.
It can help you find information for essays. You can even use it for different projects. You can find Images, Videos, Translators, or News at these search engine websites. We can use this in the classroom to find more on subjects that we are learning about. You will be able to find out a lot more on the Internet than in the textbook.
We can use Translators to help us figure out Spanish. If you need to look up a picture you can search under Images. We can also use the news functions on these websites to see what is happening in the world for current events. All of theses functions on these websites can help you in everyday life. We can also use some of these websites for email.
Tim &

Today's Blogging Assignment

Believe it or not, this year we've barely scratched the surface of technological options for the classroom. We've learned and used things like Blogger; Google Mail, Sites and Documents; various games and sites like Spelling City and Primary Games; as well as many other different sites on different days. I've given and taught you how to do many of these options. Now it's your turn. Working with your partner(s), you take your chosen topic and will need to answer all of the following questions:

  • What is it? Many of you will be given a topic as well as an example or two of what kind of website would fall under this category. Describe what the topic is and how it works. For instance, if you were talking about Spelling City, you would describe how it can be used to practice and test spelling words, as well as talk about how it works and what its overall purpose is.
  • How can it be used in your daily lives? Why should someone your age use this tool? Give examples of ways you can use these sites, and, if you find some, link to some examples in your post using the "Link" option at the top of your editor, rather than putting the entire web address in your post. For example, if I wanted to link to our class homepage, I would give you a link like this instead of typing out the entire address like this: http://sites.google.com/site/stjohns8thgrade/home.
  • How can this topic or website be used in the classroom? Some of the topics are things that we have already used, but many of them are not. You need to consider and/or find examples of ways these tools have been used for schools and classrooms. Sometimes a simple search of "_____ for education" or "_____ for teachers" will give you some ideas. Again, post links using the "Link" option at the top of your editor. 
For all of these points,  you and your partner(s) should come up with at least one solid (5 or more sentence) paragraph, if not more. Make sure that you have answered all the questions, followed all the directions and shown that you have spent time researching and looking at various options. Make the title of your post the topic you were given (ex: "Social Networking"). Also, make sure that you sign the post with the names of all the people in your group since you can only post as one person at a time.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Arlington National Cemetery

Arlington National Cemetery is an amazing part of U.S. history. I learned many fascinating facts about it. Over 300,000 graves are located in Arlington. United States soldiers from the Revolutionary War through the Iraq War, have been buried there. Although Arlington is mostly a military cemetery, there are presidents, supreme courts justices, and other non-soldiers buried there. A special part of the cemetery is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.There is an Unknown Soldier from World War 1 and 2, The Korea War, and an empty tomb to represent all missing in action from the Vietnam War. Arlington is one of the most known national cemeteries in the U.S.
I think people should visit this landmark, because it is unique and historic to the United States. Our class has to opportunity to visit, and two students will lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. This is a rare, once-in-a-lifetime chance. Arlington is the final resting place of John and Robert Kennedy, William Howard Taft, and many other famous Americans. I hope when our class or any person visits, they will truly understand the sacrifice these people have made for us, and how proud we should be to be Americans.

Honest Abe

I thought that it was interesting that Abe Lincoln didn't have any schooling, but he was a very smart man. And also in his first year of president he wasn't liked very much. He was an amazing speaker and leader.He helped his country in a great time of need, even though the civil war was started because of him. the south attacked the north because they thought Lincoln was unfit to lead, and he was getting red of their slaves.
I would recommend, to anyone to go see this monument. I haven't seen it yet. But I will in about two months. I'm am very excited to see this place. It makes it more interesting, now that i know the life of Abraham Lincoln.

Sequoia and Redwoods

Sequoias and Redwoods are very interesting. I found out that they are the largest living things on the face of the earth. I also learned that Sequoia can grow different trees off of their own trunks. Other Sequoias or ferns can grow off of the original trees also. Redwoods are the tallest trees, but Sequoias are the largest trees. They are both located in California.

Kings Canyon is a great place to go on vacation. You are able to see the biggest living things to ever live on the earth. Although, Sequoias and Redwoods are the main attraction of Kings Canyon, there are many other things to see. You are able to see huge canyons, many different animals, and various activites that you can be apart of. Kings Canyon also has a lot of history that is very interesting. They have a program that you can donate money to the park to help the parks needs

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rocky Mountain National Park

I learned many interesting facts, actually. I learned about all the animals, plants, environment, and landforms. Learning about the life zones were probably the most interesting thing that I learned about. There are three life zones: the montane zone, the subalpine zone, and the alpine zone. I also enjoyed learning about the weather and color changes.

I think you would enjoy going to the park if you enjoy being outside. You would also enjoy the park if you enjoy hiking, biking, or horseback riding. A lot of visitors go to Rocky Mountain National Park for the many activities. Some also go for the wildlife watching and the color changes. All in all, Rocky Mountain National Park is a great place for a vacation!

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon National Park is one of the largest national monuments there is today. It is also one of the most visited national parks in the United States. Grand Canyon National Park is located in a large part of Arizona. is also a river at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. This river is called the Colorado River. This river rises to about 1,850 feet above sea level. There is also a river at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. This river is called the Colorado River. This river rises to about 1,850 feet above sea level. The Grand Canyon has a lot of history behind its national park. The Grand Canyon itself is from two hundred million to two billion years old. It is not the oldest national park but it is one of the oldest national parks in the United States.
You should visit the Grand Canyon because it is a very interesting place to go. It has a lot of interesting features in it including the Colorado River and all of the history behind it. It is a very cool place to see when the sun hits the rocks and they turn different colors.

Hawaii Volcano National Park

The national Hawaii Volcano Park was an interesting topic to write on. I learned a lot about the culture of the island, thought the park, which I thought was interesting. For example, the Hawaiians believed a goddess, named pile, who lived inside the volcano. They also believed that three gods made the world; their names were: Kane, Ku, and Lono. They thought that Kane was the head god, and Ku and Lono made the first people in his image. According to some of there legends some of there beliefs were not to far from Christianity!
If you were to ever go to Hawaii you should diffidently go to this national park. With many species of plants and animals, the park would hold your interest. Also the two volcanoes have been holding people’s attention for decades. The wild life that is the reason for Hawaii’s natural is reserved in this park. If there were ever a place to go this would be it.

Badlands National Park.

There are many things I learmed about Badalnds National Park. I am glad i picked this place to do my report on. Over 380,000 people come to visit every year. Badlands National Park was mostly formed by erosion over the years. This used to be miles of open plains and rolling hills. Now it is open dry grassy plains, mountains, and forests. There are so many different mamals that live there. Glaciers, rain, wind, volcanoes, and many other forms of erosion helped formed this.
There are amny different resons for coming to see this place. People have been coming here for decades. In the 1900's people started to realize its scientific quality. Then they startyed to find fossils and stuff. They also have tours and places you could hike. I have wen there before and i highly suggest u come to visit.

Rainbow Bridge

My topic was the Rainbow Bridge. I had no idea that it was built while World War II was going on while it was being built. I also found out that it was built to replace another bridge. The bridge has a fascinating history. I also learned that life nets were placed under the bridge while it was being built so that if anyone fell, they would be saved. That's awesome!
I think that people should visit the Rainbow Bridge because it is a great symbol of peace. It It is right by Niagara Falls, too. The scenery is beautiful on top of the bridge. When you drive over the bridge, you can see an incredible view of the falls. It has a great history and has survived a war.

Mount Rushmore

I have learned how it got its name, by a man walking by and being nice. I also learned where it is, South Dakota. The most interesting fact, to me, is that no one died while building it. I learned that they used “honeycomb drilling” which is drilling small individual holes next to each other. This was built during the Great Depression. They had many money issues.
You should visit Mount Rushmore because it is a major monument that represents our country very well. It took over fourteen years to build, you could stop by it once to see the dedication. It is a great site worth seeing. Many millions of people have gone to South Dakota just to see Mount Rushmore and its surroundings. Famous people have said that seeing Mount Rushmore in person, isn't even close to seeing it in real life.

Mount St. Helens

Mount St. Helens is a very interesting volcano. In 1980, Mount St. Helens erupted causing major damage to its surroundings. Many plants, animals, and people died from the great amount of ash. Everything was piled with ash when all of the explosions were finally done. The volcano was unexpected and many people rushed to get away. A couple 100 miles aways, thinking they were safe, died from lava and smoke. The explosions were quiet from far away.

People should go to Mount St. Helens to see the interesting shape of the volcano. People can also see how the environment got better since the 1980 eruption. It would be a challenge for climbers to climb and people who haven't been there before, can learn about the area. People can learn about the 1980 eruption and how things were before the explosion. Mount St. Helens is a great place.

World Trade Center

The World Trade Center had an interesting history. It was the cause of many deaths. Obviously a lot of people died on September 11, but a lot of people were killed when the towers were being built. About eighty innocent, hardworking people died. They probably fell from a great height. Something else that I learned that I didn't expect was that a lot of people were against the World Trade Center. They thought it was unnecessary and was just another office building. After it was built, of course, everyone loved it and it meant a lot to the people of the United States.
Obviously, we can't visit the World Trade Center today; actually, we can't visit the original towers. It would be awesome if we could, though. They are building a new World Trade Center, but usually, the original is always the best. People should try to visit the new one, when it's finished, because the Twin Towers mean a lot to America. In my report, I learned that a couple people had amazing quotes. They mostly said that the World Trade Center symbolizes freedom. Isn't that what America's all about? Someday, I plan on visting them, and I hope a lot of other people will too.

Devils Tower

The Devils Tower is in northeastern Wyoming. It was the first monument in the United States. President Theodore Roosevelt declared the tower as the first monument. The tower is surrounded by the Black Hills and right next to the Belle Fourche River. There are many legends on how the tower was created from different Indian tribes. No one knows for sure how the tower was really created, but a lot of people have their theorys.

I think that everyone should go to the monument or learn about it. It is very interesting and has many attractions to visit around the tower. I think that everyone would be interested in the tower. Then maybe if you learn about it, you can have your own theory about how it was created.

Everglades National Park

There were many things I learned while doing my research paper about the Everglades! First, is that Everglades National Park's animals are almost all extinct. I also didn't know that there is only one animal in the Everglades that are actually native to the United States. That surprised me because I would have never thought there would have been animals brought to Southern Florida to be part of the Everglades. Lastly, I learned that the weather is a lot different than Wisconsin.
You should visit Everglades National Park because you can see so many animals and plants! Also, if you visit through the dry season, the weather will be nice and warm. There won't be much rain either. While you are in the Everglades you can walk on many trails, and see all the nature! The Everglades give you the experience to see the whole park. You can take a tour in a boat with a glass bottom to see what is below you.

The United States Capitol

I have learned a lot about the United States Capitol. I did not know that the Capitol was added onto and rebuilt so many times. I have also learned the whole building process of the Capitol and how big it is. The United States Capitol is also a museum of paintings and pieces of important history. Some of the paintings are from the country's greatest artists.
I think people should visit the United States Capitol because it is the center of their country's government. You can see your government at work doing things for you. You will also be able to see a lot of artwork by some of the countries greatest artists. If you visit the Capitol you will see history of your government and how it was started. Once you visit you will know your country better.

Craters of the Moon

I have learned a lot about the Craters of the Moon. First of all I found that there actually is a place on Earth that is called, Craters of the Moon. Also I have learned the amazing ways that plants and animals adapt to the scorching hot climate and twisted landforms. Another is how useful the Craters of the Moon have been over the years. They have been used by astronauts and a home to thousands of different plants and animals. Lastly I have learned the importance of the Craters of the Moon have been in Idaho's history and in the history of the U.S.A.

The reason I think that people should visit the Craters of the Moon is because it is an interesting place. It has so many different landforms. Also it has many different species of plants and animals to see. It is an amazing place to visit. Also it is preserved so you can see it as it was more then 50 years ago.

The Statue of Liberty

I learned many things about the Statue of Liberty. I found out that there was once a fire that burned inside of the tourch, of the Statue of Liberty. As well, as that thousands and thousands, of people vist the statue everyday, looking at the history inside and outrside of it. I also find out, it was a gift from France, to the United States, and though it was a lovely gift the U.S didn't want it at first. owards the end of my research I read that there was an elevatr, and stairs to get to the top, who would be crazy enough to walk up all those stairs, I'm just saying that'd take forever.

I think people would want to vist the Statue of Liberty because of wants inside of it, and the facts that it holds. The veiw from the top is a pretty site so that, is also a good reason to go. ( It truley is a breath taking veiw, and if you go at a certain time you can see the stars, shinny like tiny diamonds, on the surface of the sky.) Well, inside you could go on tours, and take pictures, go to gift shops, and buy things, that you can save to remind you of the day you saw the Statue of Liberty.

The World War II Memorial

I did my essay paper on the World War II Memorial. It is a very interesting place and would be very interesting to visit. I learned alot about the memorial while doing my paper. I learned that it wasnt easy to find a place and get all the materials needed to build it. It took many years before it was finally completed. Many Americans think it is a good and honorful memorial. Every year millions of people visit this memorial. I Learned what all the symbols on the memorial and what each symbol represents.
There are many people who cintrbuted to the memorial. The memorial gets many visitors every year and every day, espicially on Verterans Day because it holds a special celebration for the memorial. It would be a good place to visit if you want to see how many men and women sacrificed their lives for their country and to see how much people have contributed. It is a neat monument and it took alot of time to make it. It would also be good to visit to see how a monument can look for a memorial type of monument. It is good to have a memorial dedicated to all who served in World War II.

Yellowstone National Park

My paper was on Yellowstone national park located in Wyoming,Idaho, Montana. It is a huge park and there is many things to do there with your family. It has lots of water features, animals and different types of land forms. I would like to visit here because it is it half of the country and I've never been on that side of the country. Over 1 million people visit Yellowstone each year.
I think that people should visit Yellowstone if the like animals and like to just relax and watch the wild life. You can camp there or you can stay in a hotel in the park boundries or stay in a hotel down the street fro m the park. It is open all year round in summer and in winter. Iwould rather go in summer becuase i like warmer weather better than cold weather.

Golden Gate Bridge

I wrote my research paper on The Golden Gate Bridge. I learned some new facts about it like how it was made, when it was made, and who built it. Intresting fact i learned about it was that is a common place for people who want to commit suicide. It was built during the Great Depression. It was hard to earn money to build it.
Before the bridge was built when ever someone needed to get to the other side they had to take a ferry. It toke them along time to build the bridge and had a few difficults along the way. Some lives were lost during the making of this bridge. Strauss the person that helped build it didnt like the thought of people dieing so he put a net below so it can catch people when they fall. They have phone line on the bridge so you can call when you see someone is going to jump off or they are thinking about it.

Today's Blogging Assignment

Welcome to the last words I'll ever ask you to write about your research paper! This is a multi-step assignment, so follow closely.

First, Write a blog post on what you have learned from your paper. The title should be the name of your particular monument or park. It should be 2 paragraphs of 5 sentences each. The first paragraph should include facts that you learned that you thought were interesting. The second should include reasons why you think someone should visit your particular park or monument.

Second, read through some of your classmates posts on their topics. Choose two that you will comment on and write a response. Try to choose posts that have not been commented on yet to make your comments on. You may choose a third post to comment on for extra credit. These comments must also be 5 full sentences.

This is a 40 point assignment. Each sentence you write will be worth 2 points - 1 point for writing a complete sentence and 1 for making that sentence error-free. Proofreading is a must; and capitalization, punctuation and grammar are all important! This will be due Thursday at the beginning of the day.