Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Today's Blogging Assignment

Many of you have become fascinated by playing 'how-to' games - ones in which you are learning how to make or fix various things. I've found two new games for you. One is called Driver's Education and the other is The StreetWise 2.0. These two games (if you couldn't already guess) are two examples of learning how to drive. The first will most likely work better on our school computers, but feel free to try both. When you finish, type up a blog post on the following thoughts:

We live in a digital world, from the cell phones we carry to the computers we use on a daily basis. Technology is being used constantly to help us learn and do things we never thought possible. The future feels limitless, but is it? Do you feel that doing online simulations makes you qualified to drive a car, perform surgery or design a cell phone? Are these digital tools being created to be high tech games or are the designers hoping that you use these as a way to learn and prepare for real world opportunities or a new avenue for exploring your possible career options? What other kinds of simulations would you like to try? What do you think? Type a response, give it a proper title, and make sure it is long enough to answer all of the questions listed (at least 4-5 sentences)

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