Wednesday, April 28, 2010


We should support PETA because it is a very important to the pets and wild animals of the whole world. They work to keep all pets safe and abuse free. Also....
PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, is the largest animal rights organization in the world. They have more than 2 million members and supporters. They focus their attention on the four areas in which the largest numbers of animals suffer for long periods of time: on factory farms, in laboratories, in the clothing trade, and in the entertainment industry.
PETA also works on many of other issues. Those issues include the cruel killing of beavers, birds, other pests, and the abuse of backyard dogs and other pets. PETA works through public education, cruelty investigations, research, animal rescue, special events, protest campaigns, etc.
Again, PETA is very important for the treatment of animals around the world.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I support recycling. It is very important to saving the world. Recycling is a simple task that makes a big difference. By recycling paper, you can save a tree. For every 2,000 pounds of recycled paper, 17 trees are saved. By recycling steel(aluminum), you can save energy. For every pound of recycled steel, a 60-watt light bulb can run for more than a day. You can also recycle plastic and glass. Plastic garbage thrown into the ocean kills about 1,000 sea creatures a day. It takes over 4,000 years for glass to decompose in a landfill. Recycling one glass bottle can run a 100-watt light bulb for 4 hours. I have now made it clear that recycling is a very important task. There's a lot to recycle out there, so we need to do as much as possibe to save the planet. You can visit to find out more information about recycling.

The Red Cross

I support The Red Cross. This organization has helped many people in the past and in the present and will continue to help thoughts in need. In the past the put out their helping hand in world war II. Now they help people in Haiti and other places. They prepare people for disasters, and heal the injured.

Special Olympics

I support the special Olympics. The special Olympics give kids with special needs an opportunity to participate in the Olympic games. The Olympic games in Wisconsin provides over 10,000 athletes with different disabilities with the chance to be in the special Olympics. This organization gives training and competition for the athletes in over 18 different sports every year. That is only in Wisconsin, in the world Special Olympics there is more than three million athjletes that join in it. These people are from all over the country and even other countries. This orginization doesnt just let them participate in the Olmpics but it trains them so that they can laern or get better at a activity they would like to be in. You can find more information at

Koos For Kids

I support a cause called Koos for Kids. This organization supports and helps kids in Southeast Wisconsin who are terminally ill. The man who started this is named Marcus Hanel. He is a Racine native and he is deffinately one of my heros. He puts other people in front of himself and loves helping kids. I am a volunteer for this organization. Knowing that I help people who are terminally ill makes me feel a lot better when I know I am fully able to do things they can't. You can go to the charity events and make donations. Please help a terminally child. Also, please check out their website. Check out the pictures and see their featured child.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Compassion International

I support Compassion International. Compassion is a Christian children's organization that helps children in poor countries. It provides the kids with food, education, heath care, love, friends, and the knowledge of Jesus. My family is involved in Compassion by sponsoring a girl named Michelle from the Dominican Republic. We write letters to Michelle and send money to her and her family. It shows me how different life is in other countries from the U.S. The organization is very financially responsible; most of the money given goes directly to help the children and not for adminitrative needs. Heres a link to the website -->


I support Bodoblankets. It seems like a very interesting organization. You probably haven't heard of bodoblankets before. I didn't either until today. Bodoblankets is a non-profit organization, not many company's are like this. For every blanket someone buys from this organization, they donate one to a child in need. Bodoblankets is also eco-friendly. The blankets are made of organic and recycled yarn. They also believe in creating and maintaining jobs in the USA. Visit their site at:

NBA Cares

I am supporting the NBA Cares association. Then NBa has been around for decades now. The cities of these teams and all the fans have been supporting and givinvg so much to the NBA. They finally thought it's about time they started to give back to the community. They do multiple different types of community work.
They do all different things for the communities of the world. They do everything from telling people to stay in school, to helping little kids read, to picking up trash, to rebuilding houses, to evan helping kids to improve there baqsketball skills.
I think what they are doing is great.
You can find information at:

Cop 'n Kids

I would suport Cops 'n Kids. This is a local organization that improves reading skills of at risk children. The reading center provides free books and tutoring to children to families that do not have many educational reading materials at home. They guide them in ready skills, developement, and how to apply those skills that they learned. The children that participate are able to get to interact with the police officers. They accept of money or new and used books. More can be found at

Bill Gates foundation

i support bill Gates. because he was many charity organization. and not to forget he made Microsoft. this was a great idea. he is a very smart man, he helped revolutionize the world that we live in today.
he has many charity organizations, but the most famous one is the one that collects money for cancer. this is very important because millions of people die from cancer every year. including most of my family.

Hoops For Heart

I am doing my blog about Hoops For Heart, it is an organization like Jump Rope For Heart, they are both national groups that save and raise money for disease4s and strokes. But Jump Rope For Heart raises money for special children that are born with a heart condition.
I first learned about this in fourth grade, when my gym teacher asked who was going to participate in the raising of money, in hoops for heart. Of course there was awards, money, games, prize, and such that could be won depending on the amount of money you raised. Not many people could shoot let alone make a basket, but still a lot of money was raised, and from my research I've seen that now other schools are doing this to.

SOS Children's Villages

The SOS Children's Villages is the largest orphan and abandoned children's charity in the world. The organization is a non profitable organization which means that the organization, by law, cannot hold or distribute profits like a "for-profit" organization can. Any profits that the organizatioin would make must be used to pay salaries, other non-preofit organizations, or donated to charities like the SOS organization.
The organization has been in operation since 1969 led by CEO Heather Paul and it's headquartered in Washington, D.C. The oranization offers free E-cards that anyone may use as a way of introducing the work of SOS, or as a way of sending a birthday card, thank you card, etc. The SOS oranization has many "villages" set up all around the world to help children. They help children when they need it the most, for example, they reopened a school in Haiti after it got destroyed by the earthquake.
I support the SOS Children's Villages organization completely because I think it is very good to donate and help children who are in need or who have been abandoned by their parents or gaurdians. Whenever you have extra money or anything, it is always good to try and help the less fortunate. I think this organization is very good for the world because by other people learning what this organization is doing for children, it could encourage others to help out too.
To learn more click here: SOS Children's Villages

lance armstrong support

I support lance armstrong because hes a big inspiration to all who have cancer. He showed that you can still do alot if you have the will to. He had cancer and still rode in that bike race. He had cancer and later lost his leg. In his early years he trained in Texas and later trained for the US olympic team.
He was born in 1971 in Plano, Texas. He won the tour de france seven times while having cancer. In 1996 he was diagnosed with cancer. His work orginization , livestrong, is still around today helping and support cancer research. My aunt died of cancer and i think what he is doing is a good thing and seems like a good man. Lance is still alive today and still continues to research

Save the whales!

I support the orgination of Save the Whales is an organization that protects the whales that live in the ocean and keep them from going extinct. The link is http:// on the website it tells you about all sorts of whales and some information about them.Did you know that the Southern Right whale is one of the most indangered whale. The purpose of this organization is to teach people about whales and help keep them alive and stop the hunting of them. Save the Whales was founded in 1977 by Maris Sidenstecker he wanted to teach people about marine mammals and the ocean environment. Save the Whales believes the future of the planet, and our actions can promote change and save the whales. I think that everyone should help save them because soon they will be gone and the only whales will be alive if the are in captivity. We can help save the whales by not putting balloons in the air, only buy Albacore tuna, the only dolphin safe tuna, prevent urban run off or keep your car maintained, cut up six pack before you through them away. Many more SAVE THE WHALES!!!!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Gregg Chapel CME Church

I support my church. I will support any church in the future that I belong to. It's important to support anything that you strongly believe in. My church gives money to charity and goes out and feeds the homeless. We give poor children, Christmas presents and on Thanksgiving we provide them with a healthy dinner. We do many other activities. My friends and sometimes family say that I'm at church or doing something for church too much! With my mom being Steward President, praise team, Praise Dance Coordinator, choir member, dad being Trustee President, Zhane being a Praise Dancer, praise team, Choir member, kitchen committee, Myself being a Youth Sunday School Teacher, choir member, Usher, partial choir director, praise team. As you can see we are always doing something.

My church is CME(Christian Methodist Episcopal), one of the varieties of Methodism. Check out this link to learn more. How to find my church: Third Episcopal District(Bishop Paul Steward), Milwaukee District(Elder Willie Dockery Jr), Gregg Chapel CME Church(Pastor David Green):

PETA and the Humane Society

I support PETA, or people for the ethical treatment of animals. I also support the Humane Society. Both of these groups stick up for "Those who can't speak up for themselves"(Humane Society quote). I hate it when I hear stories about animals being abused, neglected, and abandoned. Puppy mills are horrible places. We need to stop and think about what it would be like if we were in the animals' place. Would we like to be treated that way? No! So stop animal cruelty! Check out their websites to find out how you can help at and

Humane Society

I support the Humane Society. It takes in stray cats and dogs and puts them up for adoption. I'm an animal lover, and I think the Humane Society does good things. The animals are well-cared for, and I don't believe they put the animals down. If I were to get another dog, the first place I would look would be the Humane Society, without a doubt.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

TOMS Shoes

I support TOMS Shoes. It is a self-proclaimed for-profit organization. When you purchase a pair of shoes, another pair is donated to a child in need. Founder Blake Mycoskie, came up with the idea in 2006 after a trip to Argentina, where most children had no shoes. You may think no shoes? So what? But there's lots of reasons why these children need shoes. One reason is soil-transmitted diseases. You can get these diseases by walking on infected soil with bare feet. Another bad factor of no shoes, are cuts and sores. Walking over sticks and stones can cause these. This can lead to infections which aren't good at all. One final reason for the need of these shoes is education. Most schools require shoes as a part of their uniforms, and when children don't have shoes, they can't get the education they need and deserve. No education can make for a not very bright future.
TOMS Shoes, which stands for Tomorrow's Shoes, has given over 600,000 shoes since May 2006. That's a a lot of shoes, considering people criticized Mycoskie when he first created the company. They called the idea stupid and ridiculous and said it would never work. But he has proved all of those people wrong and beaten his own odds. Now I bet you're all wondering, what are the shoes exactly? The exterior is made of canvas with a canvas exterior and a soft leather insole. They have a rubber outsole. Literally, the most comfortable shoes ever, just read up on the comments. I also happen to have a pair. :) They are a little different looking, but you will get used to them. There's a pair out there for everyone! Check out TOMS Shoes to learn more about this wonderful life-changing organization!

Friday, April 23, 2010

I support the ASPCA

I support the ASPCA because they help to get out animals away from their owners that abuse them. They also stop thousands of animals each year from cruel people and from the streets. The take in the animals and take care of them until they are healthy enough to be adopted. I support them because i don't think that animals should be treated like that or abused just because they can't talk for themselves. They should be treated like you wanted to be treated they are living creatures like we are. They should not be abused. If you can't take care of an animal or don't want to take care of the animal don't get one at all. Let them live with some one that will love them and will take care of them. The ASPCA helps rescue animals from abuse, pass humane laws, and share resources with shelters nation wide. You should also support them and donate money to help save some animals if you love them like i do. No living creature needs to be treated like some people do. They should be treated the same. Check out this site and read more on it. Save the lives of animals.





Wednesday, April 21, 2010