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The First Thanksgiving

I learned a lot about the first Thanksgiving today from this website. I learned a lot especially about the trip to the colonies. I learned that on September 6th, 1620 the journey from England began. The trip was about two months long. Many of the people never went to the deck and stayed in the holding area. There were also many violent storms at sea.

I also learned a lot about their culture and the feast. The Indians and the pilgrims both had many things not in common. Their houses were very different because the pilgrims used wood and the Indians used bark and twigs. The Feast was mostly food they gathered themselves. They also had games. The children played childlike games and the adults had target shooting contests. It sounded like a very fun thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

thanks giving

I learned a lot about the pilgrims. When they came to land, the hardly survived the winter. The Wampanoags helped them. They taught the pilgrims to hunt. They mostly shot deer and ate it. They also ate ducks and made a corn based oatmeal. The pilgrims didn't eat turkey. They did't even have mashed potatoes or cranberry sauce. They did eat seafood, cabbage, onions, corn, and squash, though.
They usually spent praying on thanksgiving rather then eating all day. The giving of thanks went on for about a week. The Wampanoags and the pilgrims sometimes ate together. When the Wampanoags came, they had to build their own house. The Wampanoags liked to eat deer meat. Both groups spent time with each other.They had contests and played each others games. They danced, sang, and played some sports.

The first Thanksgiving

The voyage from England to America was in 1620. It was a 3,000 mile ride aboard the Mayflower. The Mayflower was a 17th-century sailing vessel. When they arrived in America after their two month trip it was winter. Being winter, it was difficult to find food. Luckily, the Wampanog or, "eastern people" were there to help them out.

The English colonists or, "Pilgrims" celebrated thanksgiving as part of their religion. Thanksgiving was meant for prayer not feast. The prams and the Wampanogs celebrated the first Thanksgiving in the Autumn of 1621. They celebrated it because they were excited for the first successful harvest.

Indian and Settlers

The Indians live in tepees made in the shape of a cone. The settlers lived in a one room home. The settlers children played with dolls. Then Indians also played with dolls. They also played with marbles.
The settlers children had to sleep on the floor. The two parents had to sleep in the same bed which is only about one of the beds you sleep in. The Indians had to crawl into their houses. The indians wore alot less than the settlers did.


Thanksgiving for the Pilgrims were celbrated by fasting and praying instead of feasting. In the Austumn of 1621 was when the feast between the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag's took place. After being at Plimoth for only a few months the Pilgrims had already built seven houses, a common meeting place, and three storehouses for supplies and food from their first harvest. They had to get their food by killing the animals they wished to eat. Their main meal was more than likley duck. The women roasted the ducks while the children wouldgrind corn into samp.
Massaoit had seven men to hunt deer because deer was the Wampanoag's favorite dish. The fist Thanksgiving didnt include turkey and cranberries and patatoes werent even invented yet but they had duck and swan and a lot of sea food and cabbage. The meals were more than a week long. They werent a hour or two long like the Thanksgiving feasts we eat now.

The First Thanksgiving

The First Thanksgiving was in 1621 during Autumn it was with the Pilgrims and Wampanoag. Ten months after they all arrived they had been building. So far at that time they had built 7 houses, 3 store houses, and 1 meeting house. This was the start of the First Thanksgiving.
In 1621 you had to shot your meal. Ducks were the main meal or course. In order to cook them they would have to roast the duck over the fire. They did not have turkey, cranberry sauce, or potatoes on the first Thanksgiving. They did have though, seafood, onions, corn, and squash. Thanksgiving actually went a whole week then. They could eat indoors or outdoors it made no difference. Between meals the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag would play games. they would play the pin game or even blind man's bluff. The Pin Game was a simple game. The rules were just this you had to throw a ring onto a pin. It is pretty self explanatory. They also English grown up games. Men would shot at targets. It wasn't really a game it was more a contest. They would see what man could shot the best. this was probably important because they had to hunt for all their food so they can't go around missing everything they see. They need to provide for their family. The Pilgrims and the Wapanoag also would sing and dance. These are the traditions of the first Thanksgiving. I enjoyed reading about these traditions and I hope you enjoyed learning to.

The First Thanksgiving

The Pilgrims struggled a lot before the first Thanksgiving. The voyage was long and many did not survive the winter. The native Indian tribe helped them and they survived. They called their first successful harvest Thanksgiving. The Pilgrims and Indians celebrated together for three days.
Even though their life styles are very different, the Indians helped them any way. It was only fitting that the Pilgrims invited and shared their harvest with them. The children from both communities played together. Pilgrim and Indian leaders ate at the High Table together. Even back then it was a festive event designed to be thankful.

What I learned about the first thanksgiving

I didn't learn much in what i looked at because we just watched a very detailed movie before. However, I did learn that before moving there, they first did visits to see if life there would be better than England. In my opinion it is because of the religious beliefs they were forced to believe in must have been unbearable. Some colonists said life was bad in both areas.

With the specific family I was listening to. They said life in the Colonies would be better for their children. Also, the father made the decision to go to the colonies. The wife trusted her husband that he made the right decision. They had plenty of food for Thanksgiving, the Indians also gave them huge deer meat to eat.

The may flower

The pilgrims in there voyage were stuck under the ship. There were many people who were on board for a crew as well. They in there journey were hit by a storm. It almost took them back and ended the journey they would take. They were also way off course now.
In the the voyage though there ship got a hole and the mast fell down the pilgrims had tools to fix it though. They sealed the hole and made it back to there regular course.They fixed it by using a mallet and a couck. Them it was not long until they got back on track. They arrived in Cape cod and in another month made it back to plimouth. They then settled there.

First Thanksgiving

I learned a lot in the videos I watched. I learned the winters were harsh. They hardly had enough warmth to survive the winter. The reason the winters were so harsh is they didn't have the knowledge to fight the new diseases that spread so quickly is they didn't have the right medicine to vaccinate.
I also learned they had a plentiful source of ducks in the area the settled. Duck was the main course of their Thanksgiving. That did not mean that they didn't have turkey it was wild turckey although. The normal cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes were not around at this time. They had built 7 houses. They also had built a store house. They still had a hard time getting food.


Today, I learned all about the Wampanog and the Pilgrims. One thing that I learned about the Pilgrims is that they dressed very differant then the Wompanog, the Pilgrims lived in houses that had roofs and they had differant shapes to them. The Pilgrims lived in one room houses the houses were ussualy the size of small apartment, except back then the houses were not as nice as they are now, they didn't get more then one room and they did not have as many lisure things that we so the children had toys that were not extreavagant the were simple and able to do the basic things that were needed, and that was to be able to occupy the child.
Today, i also learned about the wompanog. The Wompanog also lived in simple homes, but the homes that the Wompanog lived in were even more simple then the ones that the Pilgrims lived in. The Wonpanog lived in hut types of houses, these houses consist of clay and staw in the warmer months of the year. However, in the winter the Wonpanog make a differant hut type of house and it still looks the same, but this one is made with clay, straw, and rope. The inside of the huts are the same as the pilgrims in the way of one room and simple, but the Pilgrims didn't have to crawl into there huts like the Wompanog did. Well, over all that is not all that I learned, but my fingers hurt so peace out!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
September 6,1620 then Mayflower leaves NewEngland to North America. Around 30 people control the sails. Then at mid-sea a big storm comes and puts many leakes in it. a person falls off but grabs a rope and is saved. Then at urge of turning around they fit it.
They fix it by useing caulk and pins to seal the holes. But the winds have blown it way off course. After it stops at New Foundland to get water and food. Then it is all over they end up at cap cod on November 11. After 65 days at sea it is over. Then by december they will reach there new home Plimouth. It is now reaching the colder months.

(plimounth is not spelled wrong that is how they spelled it back then.)

The Mayflower Voyage

I learned about the Pilgirms coming to the new world. It wasn't actually a smooth ride. During the two months that they were on an Augast storm hit and blew them off course. Also the main beam fell and a person went overboard. Luckily he or she caught a rope and was saved from the furious waves. After the storm the fixed the main beam with an iron hammer that they took from Holland. They also fixed up some of the sracthes and leaks that the storm had brought upon them.
For the Pilgrims it was a horrible ride. They all stayed on the lowest part of the ship. It was really tight and they didn't get a lot of fresh air. On the other hand the dock workers got to be outside to breath fresh air but had to work also. It was commanded although by one of the best sailors... Christopher Jones. They finally reached the new world in November 11. All of the Pilgrims will reach their settlement... Plimoth.

P.S. Just so you know back then the word Plymoth was spelled Plimoth.

Voyage Of the Mayflower.

I learned a lot from the website. The life while traveling on the Mayflower was hard. The crew below deck barely got to breathe fresh air. The living space in the boat was not big at all. Something I did not know is that during the journey,the ship actually got many cracks in it. It needed repair to make sure the leaks did did get to big. The crew would fill the cracks with caulk and mallets that they brought along.
While on the ocean, about half-way through their journey, a violent storm started. During the storm, a passenger was thrown overboard. Also, the ship was blown way off course so they were now North of Virginia. They stopped in Newfoundland to get fresh supplies for the rest of the journey. Finally, on November 11, 1620, they crew and all the passengers arrived in Plymouth. They whole trip took 65 days to reach their destination. Now the Pilgrims could begin their new life.

About The May Flower

The life of the Pilgrims was not easy their journey was full of crampt living spaces and hash weather. The Crew of the May Flower was made up of 30 men who had to work up on the deck all day and night. The Pilgrims on the other hand had to stay below deck all day and night. During the trip the weather got hourable half way through the trip and the May Flowere was on the verge of turning back.
After that storm instade of turn in back the Pilgrims they fixed up the ship and kept going tile the would get there. Before they got to Plimoth The Pilgrims landed in Cap Cod. After they got there they desided to go to Plimoth insted. When they got ther eit was almost winter so theyhad to build their houses and live on the boat during the colder months.

Plymouth 1620-1621

The pilgrims came to the new world on a ship called the Mayflower. The pilgrims were beneath deck in a small cramped space. The area below the deck was also dark. Men were sent back and forth from the Mayflower to build houses on the new land. Women would be afraid about their husbands because many of them died with this task. About half of the pilgrims died because they were on the Mayflower through winter.
The first thanksgiving was meant to celebrate a whole year they survived and to celebrate their harvests. An actual thanksgiving was a day to fast because of pilgrim religion. The thanksgiving they had was the harvest festival. The Indians and the pilgrims celebrated. The Indians brought deer and the pilgrims supplied the rest.

Mayflower and The Feast

For the children didn't go to school. But instead they played a lot if they were little. If they were older they were older they didn't play a lot. But instead they worked a lot. While the kids play the parents work so that the family can eat. The father is to get food. the mother is to cook the food. They didn't speak English.
The first thanksgiving was a special day. They grew corn to eat corn to eat. The native brought deer to them. They were very grateful to have deer at there meal. When the mayflower landed they were hoping for a new life. They were happy to be able to start a new life. The father in the family made all the decisions.

Today's Blogging Assignment

Today you will be going to and working your way through "The First Thanksgiving." Use headphones to listen to all of the different things that happened on the Mayflower, how they lived their daily life, and the first feast itself. When you finished watching and listening to everything, write a response to what you saw and learned. It should be 2 paragraphs (4-5 sentences each) and proper grammar and punctuation is expected.

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It is a good thing to enourage kids to write novels. The goal they want is that kids would try to write a 175 page novel. They want the novel to have 50,000 words in it. This would be a great accomplishment for kids to do in there lives.
If i were to write I would write a sports book. It would be about the chalenges that pros face to become a great athelete. It would probobly be based on Micheal Jordan. I would like to join this to help get kids involved in writing. It helps kids to learn how to write good aswell. This is also a good idea for increasing your vocab.
I think the reason people would want to write is to open up about things. If you can't open up some times it could be hard. Also you could do it on your free time. Also many people write about things that had happen to them. It could be bad or good again you can open up.

I would write about something fantsy. I would write about it because you can make up anything. You could make it funny or sad. Also you could wright about tough times you have in life. I would make my novel funny.