Thursday, September 30, 2010

Go Green

As almost all of you have heard in the year 2010 we have to go green! We have to put an effort forth into this, weather it be you and a friend go and pick up garbage at a local park, or just you yourself going green by making green chocies. I mean after all everyone can make a change and if all of us put an effort forth there is no stopp us! This world is were we live and we need to keep it nice for our generation and the generations to come, for you and for your children, for your childrens children, for there childrens children and so forth. So spread the love of going green. Here are a few ways that you can make you house a green house, when you shower get your body wet then turn off the water and wash up the turn the water back on th rinse off, when you brush your teeth turn the water on and off between steps, change your lightbulbs to iridescent ligh bulbs, or take your phone charger out of the wall when you are not using it. There are many other ways that you could go green also just explore with it and you will fing out.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Packers and Bears game

I was ashmed that the packers lost to the bears. It was the most penalties the Packers have ever had in NFL history. They had 18 penallties in the game verses the bears. The end score was 20 to 17 bears won. I think the end of the game pass interference call was not a good one. The reason was that he pulled the bears player to the ground. I think also it should of been a Bears penaly. If that was the case the Packers would have an interception and thats end of the story

Foot-Ball is Fun

I think football is fun because you can hit people and it feels great. I scored my first tochdown two years ago when I first started playing. The play was a five and out pass to me. I cought and every one cheered they tryed to through it to me agian for the extra point but the team had me double garded. This year I'm wide reciever agian I have scored three touchdowns sofare and I will keep scoreing more as long as I am at wide out. Last year I was moved to corner back but now I am back at wide. Last year I also played safety and I had in inerseption and it feels amazing. This is why I feel football is one of the best and most fun to play.


I like to play football on my free time. I like to play because you can hit people as hard as you want. Also i like to play it beacuse it uses lot of my energy. I also like to be outside in the nice weather. It also gives you time to talk to your friends. Also it gives you your excercize. also it gives you freash air. It also is a fun sport to play.

Sports I Like

Some of my favorite sports are soccer, b-ball, dirtbiking, and golf. I like soccer because I'm on a state division team. This means that we play the top teams in Wisconsin. Basketball is a fun and exciting sport beause it feels good when you score a basket. Dirtbiking always gives you an adrenalin rush because if you fall you could seriously get hurt. You have to try real hard to not fall. Golf is a very fustrating sport. It can be fun yet hard at the same time.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Farm Aid 2010

This Saturday there will be a very special event in Milwaukee. Miller Park will be the site of the 25th anniversary of Farm Aid. This is a fundraiser for Farmers around the country. There will be special musical preformances by several bands. These bands include The Dave Matthews band, Kenny Chesney, Norah Jones, Jason Mraz, the BoDeans and many more. This all day event will feature homegrown concessions from the farmers at Farm Aid. This is a very special event and this is the ftrst time it has ever taken place at a ballpark.

Friends and Family

If I had a blog I would want to talk about my friends and my family. They are the closest things to me. My friends I can everything to and we can do a lot of things together. My family and I share a lot of memeries. We go to a lot of places and see a lot of things. We get together and make great memories. I love to hand with my friends and talk about whatever comes to our minds. I love to be with my family because they are so fun and we so close. Family and friends are great things to have.

My Friends

If I had to do a blog every day I would do it about my friends. Every day pretty much all day we are laughuing most of the time ill admitt it about silly things. But I love all my friends and we have soo much fun together. I would always have so much to say. I would definately do a blog about my friends.

Savannah Loves Jordan!!

Jordan is my best friends and I love him very much. He is amazing and soo nice. He wouldnt hurt a fly. He is very funny and always makes me crack up. No one should EVER be mean to Jordan, if they are they will fear the wrath of Lauren and Savannah. He is smart, kind, and awesomee! So there you have it. Never be mean to Jordan. Be his friend. :)
By his best friend,
Savannah Knight. :)


I like B.M.Xing because of the feeling you get when you learn a new trick. The rush is so exciting when you jump a stair set or drop-in on the half pipe. The most exciting feeling is when you are in the air. You feel like your flying. Another thing about B.M.Xing is the rush of being in the air you feel invincable. If you never B.M.Xed before you need to try it at least once even if you don't think you can do it you can.

Apple iPads+ All Year Blog+ Myself

Hello this is JR and this is my first blog!!! Today my first blog is going to be about iPads. I am getting one and just wanted to talk about some of the cool features iPads can get. First there are 3 sizes atm (16gb, 32gb, + 64gb). Ipads can get a lot of cool apps on them. First of all you could put the Kindle App on it. It allows you to buy books online and read them on your iPad forever. It is very handy to have on the road when you are board and don't want to bring tons of books. Oh I almost forgot you can get 3G network on iPads so you get internet anywhere!!!
I learned now that I had to blog about something I would blog about everyday but I would rather blog about animals, environmental stuff, and video games.
Ok, I told you about the Ipad but now I should tell you about myself. I live in a family of four. Dad- Ronald, Mom- Rachelle, + Sister- Elizabeth. I am taller than my sister. (she is short) I have brown hair and brown eyes. I wear glasses. I am very smart and I am in advanced math. + - x =. Yea all that good stuff. I am in 8th grade atm. It is the beginning of the school year still. We just had mid quarters of the first quarter. I did awesome. Have fun!!!

A-dawg's outfit!

Today our 8th grade teacher, A-dawg, wore the cutest outfit. She Was wearing a super cute light and dark blue striped shirt. She claims to have worn the shirt before, but none of my classmates think she has. She wore a really cute necklace that is my personal favorite part of her outfit. It had a star that dangled from the top in the middle of her neck. Well, that's all I have to say about today's outfit... I can't wait to see what she wears tomorrow!


Hi lo!!! this is my first blog. I've heard of blogs and I've read blogs but I've never actually blogged.i usually only play games on the computer. let me tell you about my self. My name is Kellyn and i love dance and dogs. I have 2 dogs, Haver and Alvy. my favorite subjects are science and literature. My bffs are Lauren, Sam, JR, Raven, and Ericka. I've lived in Racine for most of my life (except when i lived in Denver when i was a baby). I have a mom, a dad, a step-dad and a baby sister. her name is Auttie. i love drawing and writing. My favorite show is Avatar: the last air bender.<(^-^)> Well thats all for now!!! Bye!

Packer Vs. Bears Game

The Packers lost to the Bears yesterday at Soldier Field. The final Score was 20-17. At one time in the game, Packers lineman Mark Tauscher, had three false start penalties called against him. The three penalties were right in a row. In the Packers final drive at the end of the game, James Jones was running with the ball after his catch and he fumbled. The Bears recovered the ball and started working their offense down the field. By the time they were in field goal range, the time had almost ran out of the game. The Bears offense wasted time so the Packers would have no time to score after they did. Robbie Gould, the Bears kicker, gave his team the lead after he made a 49-yard field goal. After the score, there was four seconds left in the game. The Packers kick returner, Tramon Williams, recieved the kick and began running. The play shortly ended after a couple lateralls.
After the long game including 18 Packer penalties that beat a franchise record and a punt return for a touchdown by Devin Hester of the Bears, Chicago got the win over the Packers. The Packers should have won the game.

ATV,S, Dirt Bikes. Basketball

Some of my favorite things to do are going atving and dirtbiking. I like to feel the wind brush through my nicely combed hair. Also I like the intensity and the rush of going fast. It sets me free from my mind. It is fun racing to. If you are in first and ahead of the other person you will not get as much dirt in your face. When you are just putting along you can look at the outdoors. Get some fresh air . Basketball is another thing I enjoy to do. Just going outside and playing with your friends or even yourself is a blast. If you practice a lot in Basketball it will eventually pay you off.

What I want to write about

I would want to share my interests with people about what i do and what i like/dislike. Stuff like sports and computers and chess. I know some of you are like, CHESS?! chess is stupid! it's actually not. It is a mind game yes, but that's what i like. Especially in the summer, because im usually just sitting in my house doing nothing so chess is a good way to wake me up and keep my brain smart. I like computers because There is so much to do on computers. Like for example what I'm doing right now. I'm writing a blog for thousands of people to post and comment and for me to link to other people's blogs. Finally i like sports for the competition, i like the heat of the battle and I like to be right in the middle of the mess.

What Is A Blog?

What is a blog? Find out HERE.
Your tasks:

  • Watch the youtube video linked above.
  • Find some examples of blogs online that talk about things that interest you.
  • Write a blog post about what you would want to share with a blog.