Tuesday, December 15, 2009

ginger tree and person

The second one I made is a Christmas tree. It took me a long time to put every needle thing on. in the end I think it looks great and the work was worth it. I made the garland out of the licorice, some of the ornaments out of flowers,and the rest out of... I dont know what but it looks cool. I like it!

Ginger People! ! ! ! ! !

This second one is a hulagirl. It's raining water, and letters. She is screaming WHAT! ! !, becuase she doesn't know what is going on. And she's all wet and she can't stand with out falling over because she is soaked and the ground is so slipperly. As you can she she is mad, and freaking out, I think she should go inside.

My Gingerbread Men

The first gingerbread man describes me because it was the one that I had to answer the questions for. I have one brother and one sister; Max and Karah. My hair is red and yellow because I was born in August. My eyes are pink flowers because I am a girl and the flowers look cool! My nose is red because I am 13 years old. I have all the buttons because I like to read (blue), watch TV (white), play video games (red), play sports (green), use computers (yellow), and draw pictures (pink).
My second gingerbread man is a snowman. I made a snowman because it is winter and people enjoy making snowmen! I gave it a carrot for the nose because it is normal for snowmen. I gave it a red scarf because red is a Christmas color. I gave my snowman a hat because I like how snowmen look with hats!
Merry Christmas, everyone!
I made this to look like me. I made it have a basketball uniform because i like basketball.

Ginger bread man!!!

My first is the one where we had to follow the directions. It has yellow and blonde hair because i was born in november. the lines are there because i have 3 brothers and 1 sister. My second one is suppost to look like me i did it like that because i really like it.

Gingerbread men

My first gingerbread man has red and blue hair because I was born in September. It has a green nose because I'm 14 years old. My second gingerbread man is an angel. I made it with wings and a halo. I got the idea because it's the Christmas season.

The one is me, with the blondeish hair and brown eyes. I have a shirt and jeans on and my clogs. :)
My hair is yellow and purple because I born in April. The buttons represent some of the things I like to do: read, watch TV, play sports, go on the computer, and play video games. The strips om my legs are to show that I have one sister. Tadaaaa


I made it look like me today. It is not tradishional as you can see. It is riding a skatebaord, because I skate. To bad its not real, because i'm hungery.

Jason Pica II

I tried to make a cowgirl. I don't really know why I did, I just thought it would be funny. It was a little frustrating to make it. After a while a just starting putting various things on the cowgirl. This was fun! Keep going on http://www.twitter.com/ to find more fun blogger posts.

Jason Pica II

Gingerbread Man

I made this gingerbread man this way because it looks more a traditional one. A lot of gingerbread men have buttons. Some have candy on them so I put some things that look like candy on them. This make it look like a real cookie. The yellow candies are suppose to be shoes.

My gingerbread man is supposed to look like me today. IT has a jersey on and it has glasses on and has a basketball. It also has sandals on which i am wearing. My gingerbread man isn't a traditional gingerbread man it doesn't have buttons or lickerish. It pretty much just has frosting on besides a bannana candy and gum drop eyes.

My gingerbread man is Santa because it's almost Christmas. Plus gingerbread men are usually made around Christmas, so a Santa gingerbread man seemed perfect. I did it while helping Ana and giving her ideas for her angelic-demon. Santa wasn't very hard to make. The only thing I wasn't very happy with is the nose. I couln't find a very good one, so I used a red one. So the gingerbread man is a Rudolph-Santa mix.

gingerbread man

My first gingerbread man is a superhero. I dont know why I made him. It looks the way it does because i made it that way. It is not traditional as you can see. It looks good to eat. He has wings and a mask on.


I my gingerbread man look like Elmo, because it's random just like me. I used frosting for most of it, but I also used some licorice. The body is red, the eyes are white the nose is orange, and the inside of the mouth is black. I really like how he isn't smiling, because I couldn't get the licorice to turn in that direction. I like it a lot!


The gingerbread on the bottom was the one that was assinged for us to do. It was goo the way it was set up and how you had to put stuff on for what u where and what you did. The one on top was the one I did. I made it with a bunch of stuff on it because i thought it would taste good if it was real. It looks tasty.


I drew the gingerbread man the way I did because it has my basketball number and it is a cougar jersey. I play basketball for the St. Johns Cougars! This is deffinately not a traditional gingerbreadman, but OH WELL.! My basketball shoes in real life are blue Nike Elites. In this picture the shoes are blue with a Nike sign. My jersey is somewhat like our home jerseys. My hair is brown so I used brown hair on here. I drew a basketball because basketball is my favorite sport!

Natalie's Gingerbread Man

I made my second gingerbread man the way I did because i like messing aroung and drawing weird things. I made buck teeth on him because I always draw buck teeth on my smily faces. It makes it fun. Everything that I did on my second gingerbread man is because I just felt like it and it is fun to make people look funny. :)

Gingerbread man

My first one is an angelic-demon. I think that the angelic-demon looks cool. I'm not sure why I made it like this. Dana came up with the idea. It isn't very traditional, it's more fun. The second one is what we needed to do.

My Gingerbread man My other Gingerbread man

The gingerbread man on the bottom is the one we had to make for the Gingerbread Glyph. The one on the top is my personal gingerbread man. I didn't really add anything extra to it. I did add the shirt and the jeans, but that's not a big difference. The big yellow candies are supposedly shoes, or something like that. These are my gingerbread men!

Today's Fun and Games

It's a relaxing day on the blog!

Today you're going to be working with several different outlets to create a fun picture. What you should first do is go to www.sprintsweets.com. This site will let you create your own gingerbread man! If you look in the gallery you can see several different pre-made options, such as this snowboarder.
Create your first gingerbread man by going to the following document that I've made:
This page will give you directions as to what you should put on your gingerbread man.
After you finish creating a gingerbread man based on the instructions I've given you, follow these steps to post your picture here on the blog:

1) With the gingerbread man up on your screen, press the keyboard button that says 'Prnt Scrn'.
2) Open Paint.
3) Click on 'Edit' and then 'Paste' and your screen (with your gingerbread man) should appear on Paint.
4) In the list of options on the left side of your screen, click on the dotted line box. Then click and drag a box around your gingerbread man. There should be an outlined box around your picture.
5) Right click on your picture and choose 'Crop'. Now the only thing on the page should be your gingerbread man.
6) Save the picture.
7) Open a new blogpost and click on the picture button to upload and post your image.
8) Go back to Sprint Sweets and create a new gingerbread man, however you want to make it look, and follow the instructions above to post this picture as well.
9) Now for the writing part (You knew this was coming)! I would like you to write about your second gingerbread man. Why did you make him/her the way you did? Does it look like a traditional gingerbread man or is it fun (like the snowboarder)? Describe your creation in as much detail as possible, using at least 5 sentences.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


i like to play flip words at primarygames.com it teaches you how to spell and how to guess the phrases and you only get a certain amount of guesses to use but it is really fun. I really like that site to because it has many educational games.
I also like typing typhoon because you have to type as fast as you can and you have to spell that words correctly and the faster you type the faster your little car goes and you want to finish in first place.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I also like this game because it's very fun and educational. I used to play this years sgo. I like how you can select your grade level. It's also different that you get to move along a game board. One thing that stands out is that you can get a code and leave. Then, when you want to play again you can type in the code and it will restore your place on the gameboard and your progress.


I like this game becuase you can select a variety of types of problems. Also, you can have them come in algebra form. It brings some reveiw problems out, which helps you to keep getting better. It's also nice that you can select two players, so then you can have a little fun competeing with a friend.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I found a great game on the website:http://www.coolmath-games.com/0-subtraction-blast/index.html. It's a game wear you are a little tank/cannon thing. You fire stuff from yourcannon by using the 2 and 3 buttons on you keyboard. Numbers in small boxes come flying at you at a normal speed. You have to make the number smaller till it gets to 0. So if a 4 came at you you would have to hit it twice with the 2 button on your keyboard to desroy it. Lets say a 9 came at you you, you would have to hit it with the 3 button on your keyboard 3 times to destroy it. Now everytime you get it wrong or get hit, they pile up underneath you, and when you hit the top you loose. It's a fun game.


This is a great educational game. It teaches you not only to design to the needs to other people, but it also gives you a budget so that you stay within range. Also you interact with some people that will use the phone so that you know what they are looking for. I would recommend this fun and educational game to everyone.

This Weather game is great. It shows you how to predict the weather. Also it gives you hints if you happen to get off track. You see low and high pressure, if it will be sunny or cloudy, and if it will rain. Also it lets you predict how long it will take for storm to reach the area and how far it is away. I would recommend this game to others.

Design a Cell Phone and Deep Brain Stimulation!


In the first game you get to design a cell phone. It's educational, because you have to think about who you are designing the phone for. It gives you a target audience, and the things they look for in a phone. It deals with engineering and using your common sense. You can do research on all of the features you would like for the phone. You can choose the color of the phone, the screen size and brightness of the phone, a simple or complex mode, size, and many more. You can "test" your phone, and hear what your target audience has to say. From there you can design a new phone if your first didn't go over well. You can market your phone and sell it. It will track for the next three months how many phones you sell. It's really fun and challenging.
I highly recommend this game to everyone!


In the second game you become the surgeon and perform brain surgery! You get to prep the patient, by screwing screws into her head. These prevent the skin from moving. Then you do various other things such as shaving her head, and using a solution to clean the scalp. You also get to inject anesthesia and other things. You haven't even started the surgery yet! I won't ruin that surprise. This game is educational, because you get to play "doctor", and learn about the brain. It's pretty easy to understand, a woman tells you what to do. My sister and I enjoyed playing this game and I think you will too. I would recommend to everyone except those who dislike blood and other medical procedures.


Technology is very import, with out if the world wouldn't be able to move forward. With out it we can't progress, not just as a person but as a team or like a family. With technology people would be taking twice as long to do everything, they would spend all their time at work; some people may even be out of a job.
Well, I have learned many things from technology. II have learned that you can you the computer, if you are how schooled, you can have some one teach you from home. Technology it's the only thing that keeps this world going, with out it there would be no light, no cold food, no clothing, no school supplies, no nothing. Every one would have to learn how to make their own belongs their selves, the old fashion way.


I learned a lot about the pilgrims and Indians. i found this very interesting. Some things a learned about the pilgrims is that in 1620 voyage from England to America was more than 3,000 miles. They landed on land that they called Plymouth Rock. They also called it new it the new world. The Pilgrims arrived in the New World during the winter, making it very difficult for them to find food and build shelter.

I also learned a lot about the Indians. They have always been in Massachussets. They knew a lot about how to use their resources. They were knid and shared thier knowledge with the pilgrims. This helped them a lot. The Indians didn't dress like the pilgrims at all. They wore deer skin and decrative beads. I thought it was very interesting to read about the Indians.


I learned that the pilgrims made Tupperware in the 17th century. The pilgrims were very did things the way we do today. I would have thought the pilgrims would've had school, but they didn't. I knew the pilgrim housing was better than the Indians, but I did not know that they had almost a modern day apartment building.

I also learned a little bit more about the Indians. I knew they lived in longhouses, but I never heard of a wetu. Their god is kiethen, the creator. It's interesting to know that that the staps that held bags around their necks were made out of ground corn.


A game that i like to play is pool geometry. http://coolmath-games.com/0-poolgeometry/index.html this games helps you in geometry. It helps you figure out your right angle and speed to make the ball into the pocket
In this game you are the owner of a coffee shop. You can name it what ever you want. It is educational because you start with a small budget of thirty dollars. You need to buy cups, milk, sugar, and the coffee. The trick is that it gives you a choice different amounts. If you buy to much you can run out of money to fast. If you buy to little you will sell out right away. Next, your recipe, you need to make your recipe right to get the most money you can for that day. Then, you need to deal with the price. The temperature changes which means you need to adjust your price. Finley, just hope your day goes well
http://www.coolmath-games.com/0-math-lines/index.html in this game you have to shoot numbers to get to ten.

Educational Games

Education is very important, and one way to have fun while learning is playing games! A couple games that I play are "Michael, Michael, Go Recycle!". You have to walk around the park picking up garbage and putting it in the recycling bins. There are also litterbugs that you have to walk to and they will stop littering! It's really fun and it teaches you to recycle and halp the earth!http://funschool.kaboose.com/arcade/index.html
The second fun game that I play is "Blood Typing". You have to figure out what type of blood the patient has and give them the corect type of blood to get them heathy! It's great to play so you can know how to transfuse blood and if lyou like heath and science you'll love this game! http://nobelprize.org/educational_games/medicine/landsteiner/landsteiner.html

michael bent

Some fun games I have played lately are sudoku, puzzles http://www.coolmath-games.com/0-jigsaw-puzzles.html. Sodoku is an educational game, because there is numbers. puzzles are educational ,because they challenge your mind.

Some more educational games are word searches and hangman. word search is educational, because it helps you with your words. it also helps you to spell words. hangman also helps you spell words.http://games.aarp.org/categories/word.aspx
The game is chose was tetris. It is educationnal because it makes you think about where each block is going. It teaches you how to have faster reflexs.
I chose boombot because it helps you get smarter because it makes you think of where to blow the thing to.http://coolmath-games.com/0-boombot/index.html

Games for our website!

I think we should have typing tidepool as one of the games because it helps with our typing skills. This would be a fun game to help us learn without being in a class which is boring. We would have fun trying to get the high score. We could also have like a partner and play against eachother. This game is educational.
This game is educational. You can pick what to buy then you have to pick the coins that add up to that amout. It is a very simple game yet kind of fun. This will help you to add up coins quickly. This can also help you later in life when you have to know what change to make in a store.

Fun games

Typing tide pool is a educational game because you learn how to type faster and you learn how to type with your hand on the right keys. You have to type the word and if you type it right you will move forward on your dolphin. The words will go faster if you dont type then fast enough. It is a really fun and hard game. http://www.primarygames.com/arcade/virtualworlds/handipoints/tidepool/index.htm
The math arcade is a gameboard and you move and you then you have to figure out a math problem and there is no caculater. There are diffrent games for math problems. The math problems are hard and it is all diffrent problems. It was a educational games it is fun and it is hard.

Smart Games

Educational games are very helpful and can be fun. We can learn from them and discover new things. One game is a crossword puzzle. They are educational games you can play. You can learn new words and their meanings.
Another game would be sudoku. Its a mind-thinker game. I like sudoku a lot. http://www.miniclip.com/games/sudoku/en/

Educational Blogs

A good game to play would be Grammar Gorillas. It has two levels of difficulty: beginner and advanced. All you have to do is click on the correct word. You know which word to choose because it tells you to find the verb, noun, and other grammar words. For example, if it says, "Find the noun," and the sentence was, "She held the umbrella," you would click the noun, umbrella. Find it at http://www.funbrain.com/grammar/index.html.

Another fun game to play would be Math Baseball. The website gives you te problem; then you type in the answer. To lock in the answer, click "Swing". If you got it right, you advance. "Funbrain" (the website) will choose whether you got a single, double, triple, or home run. If you got it incorrect, it's an out. Three outs, and the game is over. You can play with one or two people! It's really fun and a great learning experience! Find it at

Educational Games

Math Man is at primarygames.com. http://www.primarygames.com/math/mathman/start.htm
This game is just like pack man, but when you run over a question mark it asks you a math problem. They include adding, subtracting, multiplication, and division. As you get to higher levels the problems have multiple problems in them. You get three lives. Every time you get a problem wrong you lose a life.

Arithmetic Game is at primarygames.com. http://www.primarygames.com/math/arithmeticgame/start.htm
In this game they give you addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division signs and the problem's answer. You have to figure out numbers that go in the problem to make the answer true with all of the signs that they give you. As you answer more problems the harder the problems are. You will also have less numbers to chose from.


Typing Tidepool on primarygames.com is a fun but hard game. Words pop up on the screen and you have to type them to make your dolphin go faster. You want to finish first with a fast time. The words get longer and pop up faster as you get farther in the game. It teaches you how to type really fast.
Math basketball at funbrain.com teaches you math problems. A problem comes up on the screen and you have to solve it. If you do, you make the pass. Then you dribble and shoot. When you score without missing a problem, you win.

Educational Primary Games For Our Website

I think we should have the game Sudoku because it makes you think and it is fun too! Some of the puzzles for the Sudoku game are hard and challenging for everyone. Their are easier puzzles for beginners and as you get better at the game their are harder puzzles to do.
The other game that I think is educational is Typing Monster because you learn how to type faster. It also helps you learn how to type with your hands on the home keys which makes you type way faster than just pecking. You also have fun playing the game while you are learning something new. Everyone can have fun playing these games because they are entertaining and are educational.

Educational Games

Sudoku is an educational game. It makes your brain work hard. Not all people like Sudoku but if you want a challenge you should try it. http://www.sudoku.com/

This is a racing game but you need to do math. You don't control the car you just control the speed. You answer simple addition problems.

Today's Blog Assignment

For today I'd like you to talk about games that you play online that are educational. They can come from primary games or anything else you've played that has been educational online. What you need to do is review two games that you like to play - that means two paragraphs and two games. You will need to link to the games in your post so that others will be able to find any play them on their own time.