Sunday, February 21, 2010

my ideas

I think its a very good idea for kids to play these games. Evan if some of them are fun, they teach you how to do things. It gives you a little idea on how things would be. I think they make these games for kids to have fun, but still learn something. They want to find a fun new way for kids to lear, so more kids will hopefully want to learn more things, and participate in more of thes game to learn more. When i played some oif these games i learned a few things about driving. It gave me a picture on how it would be.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Learining with Games

1. No, completely no! I think we need to do things hands on and take notes to get it stuck in our heads. Maybe because I like school old fashion, but this is what I think.
2. I think their just there to play. I mean they can be a fun way to learn and get the basics, but I really don't think you can learn how to do something major from a simple parking game.
3. I would like to try driving a semi or a plane. Doing some type of design would also be cool.
4. I thought this was fun, but like I said I'm ols fashioned when it comes to school. Homework and being there is the best way to learn.

Elizabeths ideas

I think that it kinda helps but doesnt help at the same time because your not behind the wheel your self. You dont learn how to control the car or park and the people you hit in the game does not get hurt. It kinda helps it can teach you diffrent things.
I think that the games that are listed wont actually help you, if you ever want to get in to some thing like that. On the other hand it dose give you a taste of that job. This this type of stuff can help you decide what you want to be. A stimulation I would like to try is mabey fly a plain or farming, some thinglike that.


In some ways, I guess you could say that the future is limitless because God has everything planned out and we have no idea what is in our future. I don't think that playing games online will help you get a job in the future, but they might prepare you for the world and the problems that will be faced. I think these kinds of games were made for both of those reasons, they are fun and they do show some real life problems that will help prepare you for the future. I would like to learn how to create a business in a video game. That would really help me to get farther in life because I would be prepared for the problems and good lings in the future.

My Response

I think that the future though we may not seem to realize it, is full of surprises, what ifs, could Be's, and endless possibilities. The future can bring anything.
NO! It doesn't make you smart enough to drive a car, do you know how many five and six year old boys are playing games just like this? Does that make them smart enough to drive a car? Don't think so. We are made to wait till were 15 to start taking lessons for a reason, the government or who ever it was that made the law, thinks that once a person is 15 they are smart enough ,and responsible enough to drive a car. If you can fix a guys leg or arm on a game does that prepare you for a real life situation like that? Nope, it doesn't. You would probably freak out, scream, and then pass out on the flour and the person your trying to help would be there unconscious on the table, (looking like a dead person) and then when you finally did wake up you would realize it wasn't a dream then pass out again. :)
I think they are made just to be fun games to keep children busy well their parents work, clean, or cook. And try to take care of the child's needs.
I would say brain surgery, or umm I don't know any others, some people in the class say it's fun. Oh, and we could try the game Life where you have to go around the board, getting a job, going to collage or skipping collage, getting a car, a house,it's fun to play.
But if they start putting childern in hostiptal to fix people, well, then that would be pretty stupid.

Natalie's Ideas

1: No I don't think that playing games helps you with really driving a car because it is nothing like it really is. In real life when you drive a car and if you hit someone you will get in trouble, but on the games if you hit someone you just have to restart the game.
2: I don't think that these games prepare you for the real world because it is nothing like it will really be.
3: The simulation I would like to try and drive in a game is a boat.


No because it is not the real thing. Driving a car and doing surgery in real life is alot harder than doing it on a computer. I think these simutation games are trying to prepare people for real driving and real surgery. Another simulation i would like to try would be to drive a plane.

Technology and the Future

I don't think that the future is limitless, because it has to end someday. The games are just giving us and idea of what to expect, not actual life skills. They could be useful for picking out career options. I'm not sure what other simulations I'd like to try. The design a cell phone game was fun and so was the driving one.

Online Simulations

Technology will always keep growing. Technology gets more advanced every day. Although these games give you a taste of these careers; I feel no where near ready to do any of those things. I think they want people to be exposed to these careers, so they can become interested in them. I would like to try other simulations, but I don't know the exact kind I would like to try. I think simulations are very helpful learning opportunities.
No because it will end someday. no because in the simulations something can go wrong and the automatically fix it but when in real life you could endanger someone life. surgery games or more driving games.


simulations don't help you at all. they train your mind and figures but they don't help you in real life. in a simulation you can restart over and over but you in real life you got one chance. especially in brain surgery, but a simulation can get you familiar with the sight and make it easier for you. i don't want to try any other simulations


No, technology will never be limitless.
No, it doesn't make me feel ready at all. There is much more to learn about it.
I think they make these games to intruige you. They want you to want to do these things when you become older and you choose a career. I would like to try more doctor stimulations and have step by step intrustions on how to like perform sugeries amd stuff. I think this would be really fun!


I think that it technology is sorta limitless because there is only so much you can do with technology but probably in the future there will be even more technologicly adavanced simulations.
No i dont think that it already certifies you to do that job but i think its good to have it because it makes you more prepared to do that job and stuff.
I think that it is good to have these simulations.
I would like to do a simulation of something in space because it would be cool to see i guess.

The Future and Technology

I think the future does have a limit. We humans will never be able to breathe in space without some sort of special suit, will we (even though Ana thinks differently)? Playing online simulations won't help us. Unless scientists develop surgeries and cars with keyboards, they're completely pointless. They're made for fun, or at least they should be. Online simulations won't help us at all in our adult lives.


When we use technology we do learn new things that we havent already before. We play games on how to drive to give us a sample of how the subject is. The games do not give full discription on how it is and sometimes isn't really how life is. The games still give us instructions on how it may be. I dont know what other things I would like to try.


The future is not limitless but it will end someday.
No, because it is just practice on the computer. You are not actually doing it.
Not completely because it is more just fun it can help you learn.
I do not know what other kin of simulations I would like to try.


I don't think that by playing a game on the computer you are qualified to drive. Nor perform a surgery or design a phone. I don't believe these games are made to make us professionals. These games won't prepare us for the future unless you want to become a video game designer. I don't really want to play any other simulations. I don't go looking for simulations I just play ones that are chosen already.


No, because everything will end someday.
No, because its just a simulation. Your not going to have a keyboard to drive a car.
They are showing you sorta what it will be like by giving you the games. They don't really give you the full experience of what it is really like.

Today's Blogging Assignment

Many of you have become fascinated by playing 'how-to' games - ones in which you are learning how to make or fix various things. I've found two new games for you. One is called Driver's Education and the other is The StreetWise 2.0. These two games (if you couldn't already guess) are two examples of learning how to drive. The first will most likely work better on our school computers, but feel free to try both. When you finish, type up a blog post on the following thoughts:

We live in a digital world, from the cell phones we carry to the computers we use on a daily basis. Technology is being used constantly to help us learn and do things we never thought possible. The future feels limitless, but is it? Do you feel that doing online simulations makes you qualified to drive a car, perform surgery or design a cell phone? Are these digital tools being created to be high tech games or are the designers hoping that you use these as a way to learn and prepare for real world opportunities or a new avenue for exploring your possible career options? What other kinds of simulations would you like to try? What do you think? Type a response, give it a proper title, and make sure it is long enough to answer all of the questions listed (at least 4-5 sentences)