Monday, April 26, 2010

Save the whales!

I support the orgination of Save the Whales is an organization that protects the whales that live in the ocean and keep them from going extinct. The link is http:// on the website it tells you about all sorts of whales and some information about them.Did you know that the Southern Right whale is one of the most indangered whale. The purpose of this organization is to teach people about whales and help keep them alive and stop the hunting of them. Save the Whales was founded in 1977 by Maris Sidenstecker he wanted to teach people about marine mammals and the ocean environment. Save the Whales believes the future of the planet, and our actions can promote change and save the whales. I think that everyone should help save them because soon they will be gone and the only whales will be alive if the are in captivity. We can help save the whales by not putting balloons in the air, only buy Albacore tuna, the only dolphin safe tuna, prevent urban run off or keep your car maintained, cut up six pack before you through them away. Many more SAVE THE WHALES!!!!!

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