Sunday, April 25, 2010

Gregg Chapel CME Church

I support my church. I will support any church in the future that I belong to. It's important to support anything that you strongly believe in. My church gives money to charity and goes out and feeds the homeless. We give poor children, Christmas presents and on Thanksgiving we provide them with a healthy dinner. We do many other activities. My friends and sometimes family say that I'm at church or doing something for church too much! With my mom being Steward President, praise team, Praise Dance Coordinator, choir member, dad being Trustee President, Zhane being a Praise Dancer, praise team, Choir member, kitchen committee, Myself being a Youth Sunday School Teacher, choir member, Usher, partial choir director, praise team. As you can see we are always doing something.

My church is CME(Christian Methodist Episcopal), one of the varieties of Methodism. Check out this link to learn more. How to find my church: Third Episcopal District(Bishop Paul Steward), Milwaukee District(Elder Willie Dockery Jr), Gregg Chapel CME Church(Pastor David Green):


  1. I will say you are always at church, or doing things for church, but that isn't a bad thing. The best thing is that only you would do this, in fact when I saw what your post was about i smiled. Good Post!


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