Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Apple iPads+ All Year Blog+ Myself

Hello this is JR and this is my first blog!!! Today my first blog is going to be about iPads. I am getting one and just wanted to talk about some of the cool features iPads can get. First there are 3 sizes atm (16gb, 32gb, + 64gb). Ipads can get a lot of cool apps on them. First of all you could put the Kindle App on it. It allows you to buy books online and read them on your iPad forever. It is very handy to have on the road when you are board and don't want to bring tons of books. Oh I almost forgot you can get 3G network on iPads so you get internet anywhere!!!
I learned now that I had to blog about something I would blog about everyday but I would rather blog about animals, environmental stuff, and video games.
Ok, I told you about the Ipad but now I should tell you about myself. I live in a family of four. Dad- Ronald, Mom- Rachelle, + Sister- Elizabeth. I am taller than my sister. (she is short) I have brown hair and brown eyes. I wear glasses. I am very smart and I am in advanced math. + - x =. Yea all that good stuff. I am in 8th grade atm. It is the beginning of the school year still. We just had mid quarters of the first quarter. I did awesome. Have fun!!!

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