Thursday, September 30, 2010

Go Green

As almost all of you have heard in the year 2010 we have to go green! We have to put an effort forth into this, weather it be you and a friend go and pick up garbage at a local park, or just you yourself going green by making green chocies. I mean after all everyone can make a change and if all of us put an effort forth there is no stopp us! This world is were we live and we need to keep it nice for our generation and the generations to come, for you and for your children, for your childrens children, for there childrens children and so forth. So spread the love of going green. Here are a few ways that you can make you house a green house, when you shower get your body wet then turn off the water and wash up the turn the water back on th rinse off, when you brush your teeth turn the water on and off between steps, change your lightbulbs to iridescent ligh bulbs, or take your phone charger out of the wall when you are not using it. There are many other ways that you could go green also just explore with it and you will fing out.

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