Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Design a Cell Phone and Deep Brain Stimulation!


In the first game you get to design a cell phone. It's educational, because you have to think about who you are designing the phone for. It gives you a target audience, and the things they look for in a phone. It deals with engineering and using your common sense. You can do research on all of the features you would like for the phone. You can choose the color of the phone, the screen size and brightness of the phone, a simple or complex mode, size, and many more. You can "test" your phone, and hear what your target audience has to say. From there you can design a new phone if your first didn't go over well. You can market your phone and sell it. It will track for the next three months how many phones you sell. It's really fun and challenging.
I highly recommend this game to everyone!


In the second game you become the surgeon and perform brain surgery! You get to prep the patient, by screwing screws into her head. These prevent the skin from moving. Then you do various other things such as shaving her head, and using a solution to clean the scalp. You also get to inject anesthesia and other things. You haven't even started the surgery yet! I won't ruin that surprise. This game is educational, because you get to play "doctor", and learn about the brain. It's pretty easy to understand, a woman tells you what to do. My sister and I enjoyed playing this game and I think you will too. I would recommend to everyone except those who dislike blood and other medical procedures.

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  1. I don't think I would like the brain surgery game very much. But you make it sound so interesting! I'm curious about it now! Maybe I'll play it until I pass out! :) But probably not.


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