Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Today's Fun and Games

It's a relaxing day on the blog!

Today you're going to be working with several different outlets to create a fun picture. What you should first do is go to www.sprintsweets.com. This site will let you create your own gingerbread man! If you look in the gallery you can see several different pre-made options, such as this snowboarder.
Create your first gingerbread man by going to the following document that I've made:
This page will give you directions as to what you should put on your gingerbread man.
After you finish creating a gingerbread man based on the instructions I've given you, follow these steps to post your picture here on the blog:

1) With the gingerbread man up on your screen, press the keyboard button that says 'Prnt Scrn'.
2) Open Paint.
3) Click on 'Edit' and then 'Paste' and your screen (with your gingerbread man) should appear on Paint.
4) In the list of options on the left side of your screen, click on the dotted line box. Then click and drag a box around your gingerbread man. There should be an outlined box around your picture.
5) Right click on your picture and choose 'Crop'. Now the only thing on the page should be your gingerbread man.
6) Save the picture.
7) Open a new blogpost and click on the picture button to upload and post your image.
8) Go back to Sprint Sweets and create a new gingerbread man, however you want to make it look, and follow the instructions above to post this picture as well.
9) Now for the writing part (You knew this was coming)! I would like you to write about your second gingerbread man. Why did you make him/her the way you did? Does it look like a traditional gingerbread man or is it fun (like the snowboarder)? Describe your creation in as much detail as possible, using at least 5 sentences.

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