Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Educational Games

Math Man is at primarygames.com. http://www.primarygames.com/math/mathman/start.htm
This game is just like pack man, but when you run over a question mark it asks you a math problem. They include adding, subtracting, multiplication, and division. As you get to higher levels the problems have multiple problems in them. You get three lives. Every time you get a problem wrong you lose a life.

Arithmetic Game is at primarygames.com. http://www.primarygames.com/math/arithmeticgame/start.htm
In this game they give you addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division signs and the problem's answer. You have to figure out numbers that go in the problem to make the answer true with all of the signs that they give you. As you answer more problems the harder the problems are. You will also have less numbers to chose from.

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