Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My 2 paragraph novel woop woop what a long novel!!!

Well this program basically runs a competition kind of thing. It starts on November 1st, that's when you start writing your novel. Then it ends November 30th. They say, "It is a seat-of-your-pants approach." They say that you can write about whatever you want to write about. It will help kids to get off the computer, cell phones, television and get their minds working. I think this is a wonderful thing to do. It encourages creativity and dedication. This program says, "That its about quantity not quality." This "novel" has to be 50,000 words long. Along with this and the due date it has no other guidelines. To my understanding from reading the website you can write about, "crap." (that was their direct quote) This sounds fun you can just let your imagination flow and just write whatever pops into your head.
If I could write a novel I would write about the olden days. I love reading stories like that and learning what it was like back then. That is why I love the books The Little House on the Prairie. I think that a lot of the things should stay the same. If you look at our community today it is all about violence and hatred and just all around bad things. I mean when you read the top story of the paper you don't want to read about someone getting shot or beaten. You want to read about could things and the good in others. You want to read about all the Christian things that are going on. Back then everyone knew everyone by name and were so nice to people. I'm not saying that everything should be the same but we need to learn from our ancestors. That is what I would write my novel on, "The olden days."

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  1. Is "WOOP WOOP" on an assignment very necessary! Last year I wanted to put the new word for a donkey on an assignment. So I asked Ms. W, could I and she said, "just write, A**" :)


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