Tuesday, November 23, 2010

About The May Flower

The life of the Pilgrims was not easy their journey was full of crampt living spaces and hash weather. The Crew of the May Flower was made up of 30 men who had to work up on the deck all day and night. The Pilgrims on the other hand had to stay below deck all day and night. During the trip the weather got hourable half way through the trip and the May Flowere was on the verge of turning back.
After that storm instade of turn in back the Pilgrims they fixed up the ship and kept going tile the would get there. Before they got to Plimoth The Pilgrims landed in Cap Cod. After they got there they desided to go to Plimoth insted. When they got ther eit was almost winter so theyhad to build their houses and live on the boat during the colder months.

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