Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Mayflower Voyage

I learned about the Pilgirms coming to the new world. It wasn't actually a smooth ride. During the two months that they were on an Augast storm hit and blew them off course. Also the main beam fell and a person went overboard. Luckily he or she caught a rope and was saved from the furious waves. After the storm the fixed the main beam with an iron hammer that they took from Holland. They also fixed up some of the sracthes and leaks that the storm had brought upon them.
For the Pilgrims it was a horrible ride. They all stayed on the lowest part of the ship. It was really tight and they didn't get a lot of fresh air. On the other hand the dock workers got to be outside to breath fresh air but had to work also. It was commanded although by one of the best sailors... Christopher Jones. They finally reached the new world in November 11. All of the Pilgrims will reach their settlement... Plimoth.

P.S. Just so you know back then the word Plymoth was spelled Plimoth.

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