Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Voyage Of the Mayflower.

I learned a lot from the website. The life while traveling on the Mayflower was hard. The crew below deck barely got to breathe fresh air. The living space in the boat was not big at all. Something I did not know is that during the journey,the ship actually got many cracks in it. It needed repair to make sure the leaks did did get to big. The crew would fill the cracks with caulk and mallets that they brought along.
While on the ocean, about half-way through their journey, a violent storm started. During the storm, a passenger was thrown overboard. Also, the ship was blown way off course so they were now North of Virginia. They stopped in Newfoundland to get fresh supplies for the rest of the journey. Finally, on November 11, 1620, they crew and all the passengers arrived in Plymouth. They whole trip took 65 days to reach their destination. Now the Pilgrims could begin their new life.

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