Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Early Americans' Hard Life

The Pilgrims did have a hard life! If we had to go back to no technology whatsoever, I think we would all get frustrated and complain. The pilgrims probably didn't enjoy the work, but they never knew how easy or fast it could be with the stuff we have today. We would have it harder than them because we do know how quickly work can be done. Most of us don't even realize how lucky we are that we have the technology. We are continually being told that we should be grateful, and we know we should, we just don't take the time to really thank God that we have life so easy. Even though we have a whole day every year to just be grateful, we all take advantage of our easy lives and just carry out the traditions that the Pilgrims started.
The Wampanoag had an easier and a harder life at the same time. It was easier because they knew how to live through the different seasons. The tricks to their lives had been passed down to them from their ancestors for generation after generation after generation. They also had it harder because all they really knew was to use nature, but not to abuse it. The Pilgrims had learned their own tricks from England. The Wampanoag respected nature, and therefore we should respect them.

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