Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pilgrims Journey

The Pilgrims had a long, hard journy from their old homes to their new homes. They had very little privacy. I would also hate not having a toliet and having to use only a chamber pot. Being cramped in a ship with hundreds of people for over two months would have gotten very boring. I'm sure the food wasn't the best either. It also must have been hard because they didn't know how the water was going to be and they suffered through a long storm which blew them off the course and threw one person overboard.
I learned alot about the first feast. It was alot of work to get ready for this. First, the men and sons had to go out and shoot the duck to eat. The women had to roast the plucked ducks while the children grind the corn. Massasoit sent men to hunt deer as a gift to the English. Thanksgiving back then copared to today is very different. They didn't even have turkey! Our family only celebrates Thanksgiving one day. We eat only one day too! The Pilgrims had a weeklong feast! I think that would be nice! They do some of the same things today as in playing games! My family and I always split into teams and play games. But, we don't play them outside unless it is really nice out. We have our family from out of town come and visit us, but they don't have to build their own home. We let them stay with us!

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