Tuesday, November 24, 2009


The pilgrims and the indians lived two very different lives. They wore different types of clothing, housings, and lives styles. The indians wore not as modest clothes and the pilgrims wore a couple of layers of clothong. They lived in different types of houses. The pilgrims lived in english cottages or houses made of boards and other materials. The indians lived in small huts called wetus. The wetus were made out of bark and woven grass.
The first thanksgiving was different than what we have today. They had things like duck, venison or deer meat and sea food. Today we have things like turkey, mash potatoes, or cranberry sauce. Also they had to hunt for their food and shoot them out of the sky or they couldnt eat. Today all we have to do is buy a turkey and cook it. We dont have to do much work to get it besides buy the food. I think it was alot harder than than it is now to have thanksgiving.

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