Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I think technology is very important in our classrooms and part of our school. It helps us with a lot of homework when we need to get information from the Internet. You can learn a lot of new information whether it's dealing with school, weather, wars, or just worldly news. The Internet can help you in the future to apply or get good jobs and it can also help you to find the highest paying job that you would like.
The things that I have learned about technology this year is that it can be good and helpful at times, but it can also be bad and get you in trouble. You have to use technology carefully because you can get harmed from it at times or get in a lot of trouble. You need to treat all technology like it is a privilege to get to use, because not everyone in the world gets to use the technology that we get to. The Internet is very useful and helps everyone learn new things and even play educational games.

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