Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Jason Pica II

It is important to use technology in the classroom. When we get older and go to college, we will use even more technology. After we get a job, we will use many more forms of technology. We are better off learning the importance now, then waiting to the last minitute to learn.

I have learned how to make a website and how to set it up. We have learned the importance to use technology to the fullest. This is fun, especially because no other teacher would let us use youtube on a reagular basis. I think it is important to use technology in school to a certain standard. First, we need to learn how to use it because in todays life all the US uses is technolgy. Second, we shouldn't use too much of it because else we will not get smarter in what we are learning.

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  1. I agree with learning about the importantance now. When we're older, we can all look back at this and how it important it was to us!


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