Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I think that technology is very important in the classroom. It can help you learn and do research when using the computer. You can use spellcheck and grammar check on different word programs. You can learn a lot more from the Internet then you can from the book. Also the computer and internet open up new ideas and ways of doing projects, such as slideshows and blogs.

I have learned a lot about technology. I think that learning about blogs is important. I think I will use this when I get to highschool. I can talk to people in my class. You could talk about homework and different events. You could be more connected to your school and friends.


  1. Good point! Especially that you've learned a lot about technology! You are one of the people who know the most aobut it in our class.

  2. Oh thanks Dana. But we did learn alot this year so I agree on that!


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