Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The First Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!

When the pilgrims first set sail to come to America, it was a hard and trecherous time for everyone onboard. The ship that they were coming to America in was called the Mayflower. They were halfway to America when a huge storm came and put holes in the ship causeing it to take water in. After the storm was over, the men onboard went to work to fill the holes in so the ship wouldn't sink. They filled the holes with caulk and covered it with wood. After everyone recovered from the storm they set sail again, but got blown way off of course. Instead of turning around right away to head to their wanted destonation, Virginia, they headed toward Newfoundland to buy more supplis and ready themselves for the trip to Virginia.
They then got to Virginia after 65 days of being onboard the Mayflower. They landed at Plymouth Rock and it was a hard time for everyone of the pilgrims. They had to build their own homes well enough to withstand the weather and they had to build enough homes for everyone to have shelter. They needed to hunt for their own food and they mostly had duck which the women then cooked over a fire. The weather was very harsh on the pilgrims and they would not have survived in the new land if it wasn't for the Wampanoag people who shared their knowledge of local crops and navigation. The pilgrims were very thankful to the Wampanoag people and wanted to thank them properly. The pilgrims decided to have the first thanksgiving and invite the Wampanoag. The feast lasted for a week and they had muliple feasts everyday. Sometimes the pilgrims ate seperatly from the Wampanoag, but most of the time they shared their fod together. They mostly had duck, venison, cabbage, onions, corn, and squash.

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