Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pilgrims vs. Wampanoag

The Wampanoag had life much easier. They didn't have to wear layers and layers of clothing, like the Pilgrims. The Wamponoag only wore deer skins and a small pouch. They had to do different things to their houses in summer and winter. Their bonus was that they had a fireplace. In the winter they would have to move to more wooded areas. The Wampanoag had rabbit, squirrel, turkey, and deer. They were also expert fishermen so they ate seafood. They had to carry corn with them when they traveled. They had to fetch water and get firewood as well as the Pilgrims. The Wampanoag didn't have schools, they were more focused on hunting. They had a popular game along with the Pilgrims, even though they were different.
The Pilgrims wore over seven layers of clothing. It seems that the Pilgrims also had better houses. They had defensive barriers, the house was about the size of an apartment, and they had extra sleeping area above the main room. Pilgrims had duck, seafood, cornbread, pudding, and oatmeal cereal. The Pilgrims had spoons and knives, the Wampanoag didn't. The Pilgrims had more chores than the Wampanoag but they were simple. They didn't have schools, but some parents taught their children. The Pilgrims were very religious, so they learned Bible verses.

I think that the Pilgrims had an easier life than the Wampanoag.

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