Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I'm shocked on how many things the Pilgrim girls had to wear, it seemed very simple. I thought how they used a pouch for the pockets. The Pilgrims were very creative to use plant colorings for their dyes. The Pilgrims must have had a lot of patience to sow each piece of clothing by hand. They ate mostly seafood. I find it interesting that they ate with their hands, even though the Pilgrims had spoons and knives. Tending the fire was one of the most important jobs. The heat was to keep the houses warm and to cook the food. Many young girls had a job to do in the garden. The Pilgrims didn't wash their clothes often because water was limited. Both the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag had to fetch water so they could use it for cooking and drinking. Children were tought by their parents, because there were no schools. The most important lesson was to learn the Bible verses. The children had time to play games. The most often played was to shot a marble in a box.

The Wampanoag went a more simple route than the Pilgrims. The men only wore deer skin and had a pouch for their belongings. When they had special occassions, they dressed up a bit more. They were so creative to use their natural resources to make jewelry. The Wampanoag men hunted for their food; wild animals. When the men would bring the food home, the women would turn it into sobaheg, a meat meal. The wild meat weren't the only thing the Wampanoag ate, they also fished. They would tie a dry clam to a string and fish out of their hand made canoes. When winter came around, they would move to a warmer place to conserve fire wood. The thing the boys learned were to hunt with a bow and arrow. The Wampanoag would have pyshical challenges to find out who was the choosen warrior. The young boys would also have to learn how to make his own arrow. The Wampanoag played a game called Pin game.
The Pilgrims and Wampanoag lived difficult lives.

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