Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Importance of Technology

Technology is very important in the classroom because we do a lot of research and work on a lot of projects on the computer. Technology is also important i the school because we can share information and tell the parents what's going on in school. We can do many different things on the computer like slide shows, papers, ads, and much much more! We can learn about what people are like and what they do from around the world. The technology that we have is a great way to communicate and share information.
So far this year, we've learned how to make a website, how to use Microsoft Publisher, how to make a professional slide show, and how to blog. The more important things that we've learned are blogging for homework, using Microsoft Publisher, making our amazing class website, and making professional slide shows. Some things that I will take with me and use in high school are the blog, website, email, Microsoft Publisher, and Microsoft PowerPoint. So I think I would probably take and use everything in high school!

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