Friday, October 8, 2010

Interveiw with a Stranger

1.What do you want to be when you got older? Why?

2. Who is your favorite music artist? Why?

3. What is your favorite song? Why?

4.Where do you want to move when you get older? Why?

5.What is your favorite movie? Why?


  1. i want to be a preschool teaqcher. I like little kids.
    Taylor swift is my favorite artist because i love her songs.
    My favorite song is love story.
    i dont want to move anywhere. I like where i am.
    my favorite movie is last song because its so godd.

  2. 1. I want to be a detective because I like figuring things out!
    2. I like Taylor Swift because I love all of her songs!
    3. I like the song Collide because i like the lyrics a lot!
    4. I want to like I New York, New York. I always have want to move there, but I don't know why!
    5. I love the Movie Dear John because it has a reall got story line.

  3. 1. Myself. im awsome
    2. some mexican dude i think. his songs are kewl
    3. I like it. good song?
    4. hawaii. lot warmer than wisconsin
    5. benchwarmers cuz its funny

  4. When I get older I want to move up north on a lake. The reason why is I can hunt,fish, and go tubing and wake boarding.
    My favorite movie is afterlife because its a thrilling journy.
    My favorite song is Another way to Die. Its a nice scriptful wrioting song.
    Little Wayne hes cool.
    I want to be a NBA player because thats what I like to do.

  5. 1. A paid baseball blogger.
    2. Sublime. They had a laid back sound
    3. Sunshine of Your Love by Cream. Eric Clapton at his best.
    4. Brooklyn, blogger capital of the world. Plus really good pizza.
    5. Major League, pure baseball nonsense at its finest

  6. 1) I used to want to be a writer. I suppose I am one, but being a teacher is pretty fun too!
    2) Superchick uses their words to offer comfort and joy, and TobyMac (my Christian rap that you all laugh at) makes me smile!
    3) iTunes tells me my favorite song is "Breathe" by Michelle Branch... it soothes me when I'm feeling down.
    4) St. Louis, to be around some of my extended family and friends (and see the Cardinals of course).
    5) Ocean's 11 and the Italian Job - I know them both by heart and yet I still want to watch them over again.

  7. 1. Photo-journalist, because I love to take photos and write
    2. David Cook, he inspires me
    3. "I Will Walk With You" by Bruce Hornsby, because it comforted me when my Dad died in 1988
    4. Hawaii, because it is a beautiful and spiritual place
    5. Gone With The Wind, it is a classic

  8. 1. An Artist! I love to create and to entertain.
    2. Stevie Wonder. It is hard to pick just one.
    3. You and I. Our wedding song
    4. California. To put my cartoon on TV.
    5. FAME! I want to live forever.

  9. Get older omg old enough now.
    Any thing by Led Zepplin,cool group.
    Australia, live with aborigines
    "Zombie Land" was hilarious

  10. 1 - At 30, and being a web designer and writer, I am pretty happy. I would also like to write screenplays and make movies. I am both a creative and technical person, so I am always looking for things to satisfy both of these needs.

    2 - I wouldn't say that I have a favorite musical artist. When you start getting older, your tastes and preferences tend to get wider as you experience more and more. If I was forced to choose, I would probably choose Creedence Clearwater Revival... A band much before my time. Their music just reminds me of an easy-going summertime BBQ with friends and family.

    3 - Again I really don't have a favorite song, and wouldn't even know where to start in choosing one...

    4 - I live in Kansas City, and I'm not sure there is anywhere else I would really want to move. In KC we have all four seasons... No oceans, no mountains, but I like all 4 distinct seasons. Also... I need a place that has the NFL and MLB!

    5 - My favorite movie is Fight Vlub with Brad Pitt, Edward Norton and Helena Bonham Carter. Fight Club is a psychological thriller about the pressures to conform to societal expectations and the need to reject these expectations. Great story, cinematography, soundtrack, acting and directing.

  11. 1. singer
    2. demi lovato and selina gomez
    3. Dynomite
    4. idk
    5. idk i hav many

  12. I either want to be an attorney or teacher. Attorney cause I like justice being served. (ASK ANYONE)I'm really into politics too! Teacher it sounds fun, and I like to goof around so!

    I'm not really a music person. Alot of songs irrated me, with repeating phrases! Ugh!

    I love movies. I like White Chicks(Ms. W's roomate watched it every week, so Ms. W doesn't like it anymore), NORBIT, with Rasputia (How You Doing), Friday movies are hilarious! Not appropiate but hilarious. Dance Flick, many more to come


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