Friday, October 8, 2010

Interview with a stranger

1. What is your rarest pokemon card?
2. What country are you from?
3. Who do you like in your calss?(Why or why not)
4. Do you believe in Santa? (Why or why not)
5. Whats your favorite type of wood? (Why or why not)


  1. I dont know. I dont play with those things.

    I am from the USA.

    Tanner is my friend because he is nice.

    No, I just dont.

    I'm kinda feelin balsa wood. Its awesome.

  2. I don't have those!
    US duuuh!
    Tanner because he is sooo awsome(jkjkjk)
    Ya because my dad says if I don't i can't have presents!
    Oke it looks PRETTY!

  3. Dark Groudon
    Math it is fun

  4. 1) People still collect those?
    2) The United States
    3) I'm supposed to say I love all my students the same, right? :)
    4) I believe in Jesus!
    5) Ash or maple - lots of baseball bats are made from these two!

  5. 1. Don't have any
    2. USA
    3. Don't have a class
    4. Yes, he is love
    5. Oak, it is solid

  6. 1. Do not understand the Pokemon cards.
    3.All of my students.
    4. Yes. I am Santa. I am real.
    5. Oak.

  7. 1. I never played with those.
    2. Denmark but I live in the USA
    3. My favorite kids are ...all of them
    4. Absolutely but I think my husband helps him out
    5. My favorite type of wood is pine or bamboo

  8. 1. I don't have any Pokemon cards.
    2. I'm from the greatest country on the planet...The United States!
    3. I'm not currently in school, but when I am, my favorite person is usually the teacher. I go to class to learn about things I don't know about, and the teacher is the one who helps me do that.
    4. I don't anymore...because I have a daughter, and I've "been" Santa. I DO, however, believe in the magic of Christmas!
    5. My favorite wood depends. I like hickory a lot, because it helps improve the flavor of the food when I BBQ. I like Beechwood too, because it is a key ingredient in a beverage that I sometimes enjoy.

  9. 1. Sorry I do not have any pokeman cards.
    2. U.S.A.
    3. All of my students!
    4. I believe in the magic of Christmas and the birth of our Savior!
    5. Oak

  10. I have a pikachu

    I am from kazahkstan

    I like sam george shhh

    yaaa. he is my friend.

    i like pine wood

  11. 1. Oh i don't have pokemon sorry.
    2. Turkey
    3. everybody.
    4. yeah i saw him come down the chimney and his beard fell off also at the mall many times.
    5. I like the Brazilian Birch.

  12. Timothy Says:
    1. Not a Pokemon player - sorry.
    2. United States and very proud of it!
    3. Do not have a class. But if I was in your class I would like all of you kids. You guys have a great class.
    4. Kinda - the magic of Christmas and the birth of our Saviour is what the season is all about. Jesus is the reason for the season!!
    5. Oak would be my favorite wood. I love the look of the tree and the grain in the wood. Plus, it is a strong and solid wood.

  13. 1. All my pokeman cards were stolen a long time ago.
    2. The USA!
    3. Mostly everyone.......
    4. Well................Sanat isn't the focus of Christmas as much as Jesus is. We should focus on Jesus.
    5. This is a random question! But I'm not sure so crimson king maple.

  14. You still collect them!

    USA Baby

    Santa NO

    Balsa because fishing lures are made out of them! Balso is very light!


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