Friday, October 8, 2010

Interview with a stranger!!!

1. What did you ant to be when you grow up and why?
2.If you could go anywhere in the wotld where would it be and why?
3.What color do you perfer your socks to be?
4. Do you like sushi and why?
5. What is your favorite song and why?


  1. I want to be a football player because football is the best sport ever.

    I would go to Atlantis.

    I would prefer my socks to be different colors.

    I do not like sushi. I hate eating fish, especially raw.

    I like way too many songs to have a favorite.

  2. A police officer because i want to tachel people.
    hollywood becaus ei what to people popular people.
    black because i like the color black.
    no because it taste like nothing.
    idk because i like a lot of songs.

  3. basketball because i like to play it.
    texas because it is cool there.
    black they will my shoes.
    i liked some most is weired looking.
    i have to much to list.

  4. 1. I wat to be a detective because I like to figure things out!
    2. I would go to NEw York City because Iv'e always wanted to go there and My favorite tv show shoots there.
    3. green because it beasty and ramdom!
    4. Nope... I don't like sea food!
    5. I like the song Collide because I like the Lyrics!

  5. Volleyball. Becasue its fuun.
    Mississippi. I love it there.
    White. It goes with anything.
    Nope. I hate sea food.
    Umm to many. Cant choose.

  6. I wont to be a doctor because i do.

    I would live under the ground because it sounds cool.


    no last time i had that i got sick.

    Magic. Cause i got the magic in me.

  7. basket ball its so fun
    i would want to go to new york because it looks like it would be fun.
    i love to have multicolored socks they are the best especially the ones with ghosts and random polka dots
    i hate sushi its so gross in my mouth
    love story because its so good and its by my favorite singer.

  8. 1. Rock star because I love to make music!
    2. I would love to go back to Iceland. I was there for a short time on my way to England and it seemed really cool.
    3. White. I know...boring. No socks is better if it's not too cold.
    4. Sushi is not my favorite, It's a pretty gross idea when you think about it.
    5. I love music but I can't pick a favorite song.

  9. 1. Photo-journalist, because I love to take photos and love to write
    2. Hawaii, because it is a beautiful and spiritual place
    3. White or black depending on what I am wearing
    4. Yes, because it is yummy!
    5. Bruce Hornsby's "I will walk with you" because it comforted me when my Dad died in 1988...

  10. 1. An Artist! Love to create.
    2.Africa. The mother land
    3. Black or white.
    4. No. Eating raw fish is not a good idea.
    5. " Do the Hustle"--It makes you dance.

  11. 1. A teacher :)
    2. Rome, or any rain forest!
    3. I never wear socks, but I guess white.
    4. I love sushi because it tastes good!
    5. That's too hard; I love many songs.

  12. 1. A teacher!! Everyday is different!
    2. Anywhere outside the U.S.
    3. Pink
    4. No, I don't eat sea food.
    5. Let it roll, by Superchick.

  13. 1. I wanted to be a beat writer, following my team everywhere and getting to travel. Then I realized I like teaching a lot!
    2. I really want to visit Paris and see all the amazing architecture there.
    3. Do I have to wear socks? I like plain white. I have comfy socks!
    4. Eww, no. I want my sea food COOKED.
    5. "Breathe" by Michelle Branch will always be a favorite, but lately it's been "Boomin" by TobyMac!

  14. 1. Sports Broadcaster. Nothing better than being paid to talk sports.

    2. Australia. Seems like an awesome place, who could ask for more than awesome beaches, coral reefs and kangaroos.

    3. White. It's plain and simple.

    4. No. Eating raw fish is nasty.

    5. You Can't Always Get What You Want By The Rolling Stones. Its an awesome song with a solid message. It can pick you up whenever you're not feeling good.

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  16. 1. a singer
    2. jamaca. weater :)
    3. yellow
    4. ewwww
    5. Dynomite

  17. ! A Physcician
    @ Austrailia. THE GREAT BARRIER REEF
    # White
    $ NO WAY

  18. 1. An author or a singer because it would be fun.
    2. New York City or Atlantis resort in the Bahamas because they seem like interesting places.
    3. Multicolored and not matching or just white.
    4. No because I just don't like the taste of it.
    5. "U Smile" by Justin Bieber because it's just plain awesome!:)


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