Friday, October 8, 2010

Interviw with a stranger

To, whoever is reading this,

Please answer these questions.

1. What is your favorite food and why?

2. What is your favorite color and why?

3. What school are you attending or attended?

4. What country do you live in and where is it located?
Example: (Russia, it is right above China.)

5. If you have a job what is it?

6. what is your favorite sport?

7. What city do you live in?

8. What do you do in your free time, explain it to?

By: Blue Yoshi



  2. 1. Pizza. I could live off of Pizza.

    2. Green. I am not sure why, just is.

    3. I graduated from Vatterott College in St. Louis, MO; Potosi High School in Potosi, MO; and have attended American Intercontinental University Online.

    4. USA. Center of the world (or so Americans think). It's North of Mexico.

    5. I am an Editor for Baseball Digest and (ask A-Dawg, she knows about them). I also work as a recruiter for a college.

    6. Baseball.

    7. Springfield, MO

    8. I don't have much free time, but I spend it watching movies and playing games on my PS3.

  3. 1. Steak! A good steak is deeelicious.
    2. Blue is my favorite color. It's peaceful.
    3. I graduated from Judson HS in Converse, TX.
    4. USA. South of Canada.
    5. I'm a customer service representative in a call center.
    6. Soccer.
    7. Springfield
    8. I love to crochet (working on an afghan) and I read as much as possible.

  4. 1. Pizza, because no two are the same
    2. Blue, it reminds me of the ocean
    3. Maryville University
    4. USA right above Mexico
    5. Physical Therapist
    6. Baseball
    7. Ste. Genevieve MO
    8. I read, books and on the internet and on my iPhone

  5. 1. Pizza. It's perfect...all 4 food groups! :)
    2. Blue. Like that color everything turns just before the sun goes down.
    3. I work in a school, does that count? It's called St. Mary's School.
    4. USA. North of Mexico (mostly) and South of Canada (mostly).
    5. I teach music and computer science at an elementary school. Grades K-8.
    6. I like baseball and football.
    7. I live in Lodi, NJ.
    8. I go on a roadtrip every chance I get.

  6. 1. Beef patties, Lobster, Beef BBQ ribs, Rice and Beans, Green Beans.
    2.Purple. It is a color for kings and queens
    3. Westfield State BA, Cal State LongBeach MS, Cambridge College MED, Virginia Commonwealth University MAE
    4. USA, South of Canada
    5. Art Professor/Coordinator
    6. gymnastics
    7. Boston, MA
    8. Paint, draw, create artwork, talk with my daughter, go for walks, visit family

  7. I will gladly answer these questions:
    1)My favorite food is chocolate. One simple reason; it is sweet and it seems to help to make a person forget about their bad day for a few minutes.
    2)My favorite color is blue. It is inviting and soothing to the senses.
    3)I attended Greenville College in Illinois.
    4)United States of America
    5)Substance Abuse Counselor
    6)Baseball, followed closely by football.
    7)Blackwood, NJ
    8)I have several sports-related blogs that I am the editor and/or primary writer for.

  8. 1. I love Chinese and Japanese food!

    2. Blue, because it's beautiful.

    3. I attend Missouri State University as a Graduate student :)

    4. I live in the U.S., which is squeezed between Mexico and Canada.

    5. I teach public speaking :)

    6. Soccer all the way!

    7. Springfield (woot, woot!)

    8. I spend most of my time (when not working or studying) playing with my two wonderful puppies!

  9. 1. I love potatoes!!
    2. Purple, because its awsome!
    2. I am attending Concordia University NE!!
    4. The U.S. located between Canada and Mexico!
    5. I work at a daycare over the summer.
    6. Baseball!!!
    7. When Im not at school I live in St. Joseph Missouri.
    8. I watch TV during my free time!!

  10. 1. I love my mom's spaghetti and sloppy joes and my dad's mashed potatoes (just not all together).
    2. I definitely love red, because of the Cardinals.
    3. I went to St. Joseph Christian School from K-12 and Concordia University, Seward, NE for college.
    4. I live in the US, sandwiched in the middle of North America by the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.
    5. I teach at St. John's and coach at Racine Lutheran.
    6. My favorite sport to play is volleyball but I love watching baseball.
    7. Racine
    8. I love playing volleyball, listening to music, watching baseball and writing about baseball.

  11. 1. Texas Hash - It's good.
    2. Yellow - It is bright and cheerful.
    3. U.W. Madison
    4. U.S.A - South of Canada
    5. Teacher
    6. Soccer
    7. Racine
    8. Reading

  12. 1. pizza cuz its yummy.
    2. yellow. idk why.
    3. st. john's lutheran.
    4. USA
    5. i dont hav a job yet.
    6. basketball.
    7. Racine
    8. randomness

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  14. All food kind of. But hot water corn bread is so good! Deep Fried Turkey. WOWZA! Thanksgiving is beast.

    Blue and Green. They stick out.

    St. John's for 11 years :) and Lutheran High Freshman!

    United States of America

    I did work at a hotel for a couple months with, Madison and Natalie. Madison's mommy was the manager! I made $250 bucks in like 7 hours.

    Basketball and Fishing

    Mt. Pleasant

    Sit down and relax. I hate too much noise, so irrating and watching movies with my sister Zhane!


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