Friday, October 8, 2010

Interview With a Stranger

1. What is your favorite color? Why?
2. What is your favorite person in baseball? Why?
3. What is your favorite fruit? Why?
4. What is your favorite bubble gum? Why?
5. What is your favorite soup? Why?


  1. Purple. Because its pretty.
    Ryan Bruan. Because hes cutee.
    Watermellon. Because its tasty.
    Hubba Bubba. I like to blow bubbles with it.
    French onion. Its deluctable.

  2. 1. hot pink cuz its my favorite color
    2. i do not like baseball.
    3. strawberries cuz their yummy.
    4. juicy fruit its fruity
    5. im not a soup person.

  3. 1) Probably red, because of the Cardinals.
    2) Albert Pujols. Not only is he the best player, but he's a great person off the field as well.
    3) Strawberries. Always have loved them.
    4) Grape, I guess. I don't chew much gum these days.
    5) Don't care for soup.

  4. 1. Taupe. I like this color because it makes me feel calm and relaxed.

    2. Roy Halladay of course since he just made Phillies history! If you would have asked me about football, I would have answered Jahri Evans from the New Orleans Saints!

    3.Hmmmmm.....this is a tough one. I like a lot of fruit..but my favorite??? August peaches...they are so delicious!

    4. Yuk! I don't like bubble gum. But then again, I'm a 48-yr. old high school teacher.

    5. As long as it's homemade soup, I love them all!

    I hope you are enjoying your Interview a Stranger Project. Your teacher must be a lot of fun to have in class!

  5. 1) Red, Cardinal red obviously. Just wearing it makes me happy.
    2) Adam Wainwright - an amazing competitor, a wonderful Christian and a good role model.
    3) I love apples picked straight off the trees in my parents' backyard.
    4) I used to be addicted to fresh mint Orbit gum. I don't know why; I suppose I just liked the taste!
    5) Chicken noodle - especially since I've been sick this week!

  6. 1. Blue, it reminds me of the ocean
    2. Albert Pujols, he represents the game in the right way
    3. Strawberries, they are yummy
    4. Super Bubble it makes good bubbles
    5. Baked Potato, it is just the best

  7. 1. Blue. It's relaxing.
    2. Joey Votto. He's a very good player and he's a down-to-earth person. (So are Albert Pujols and lots of others.)
    3. Peaches, because there's so many ways to eat them. Off the tree, peach ice cream, peach cobbler, peach Jolly Ranchers, peach pie.
    4. I don't like bubble gum. ;^)
    5. Chili! Especially on a real cold day, it warms me right up.

  8. 1. I am a fan of dark green. I am not 100% sure why. I tend to like darker colors though.
    2. Chipper Jones - He has be with my favorite team for a long time and he is a great player.
    3. I love strawberries. They just remind me of summer which is my favorite time of year.
    4. I like anything cinnamon flavored.
    5. Gamjatang - It is a spicy Korean pork soup that is very delicious. (I am an American living in South Korea.)

  9. 1) Color/why? Purple...always have liked purple...clothes, cars, you name it.
    2) Favorite person in baseball/why? Jose Cardenal...old time fielder...big/bushy hair...made basket catches.
    3) Favorite fruit/why? Good oranges...or great pineapple! The taste is fantastic!
    4) Favorite bubble gum/why? Big League chew...probably the last gum I chewed. Liked chewing it while playing baseball.
    5) Favorite soup/why? Chicken Noodle...with big noodles! With plenty of crackers!

  10. 1. Orange. Just do.
    2. Stan Musial...Do you know him?? Old time...class act.
    3. Banana...Taste good, and full of potassium.
    4. Do not like any bubble gum. I prefer Trident, but I can blow bubbles with that.
    5. Split pea. Reminds me of grandma's house.

  11. 1. is a calming color that reminds me of the waters surrounding tropical islands.
    2. Ryan Braun...'cause I had the honor of having lunch with him at a Brewers' luncheon and, along with being a really nice guy, he is a super baseball player!
    3. Cherries....large dark Bing cherries. They are very good for you and help with the aches and pains of old age.
    4. Favorite bubble gum is Trident...'cause it is sugarfree and has a pleasant taste.
    5. Hot & Sour Chinese soup because when it is made has a wonderful flavor. Also...home made vegetable beef soup with lots of egg noodles...cause it is just soooo good and easy to make.

  12. 1. Green, not sure why, it just has always been my favorite.
    2. Chorizo, he is my favorite racing sausage(yes, he is a part of baseball)and I always want him to win!
    3. Grapes, they are always good and refreshing.
    4. Trident Layers, I like the different flavors of the layers.
    5. Chicken Noodle, great traditional soup and always good on a cold day or when I am feeling under the weather.

  13. 1. yellow cuz its pretty
    2. ryan jj hardy cuz he's cute.
    3. orange cuz of the citric taste.
    4. hubba bubba cuz its yummy.
    5. none. i hate soup.

  14. Blue and Green, have no idea why!

    I'm not a big baseball fan!

    Apples, I seriously eat everything, besides the seeds, and stems! Ask Ms. Weinhold, she'll tell you!

    Juicy Fruit

    Chicken Dumpling


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