Friday, October 8, 2010

interview with a stranger

What is your favorite gum brand why?

What is your favorite drink why?

What is your favorite kind of car.

What is your favorite comfort food.

Were is fovorite place to live why?


  1. I like 5 Gum because its flavor lasts very long.

    I like monster as my favorite drink because it tastes really good and it gives you energy.

    I like Camaros. Old and new.

    My favorite comfort food is cereal. i dont even know why.

    I would like to live inLos Angeles because I took a vacation there and it was awesome

  2. 5 gum because i like the flavor.
    Pepsi because it like the taste.
    Lambogine because it looks nice.
    chips becasue i like chips.
    Racine because i liv e in here

  3. My favorite car is a Ferrarie because they look cool and there finely cut steel coat body frame makes me joyful.

  4. A Ferrarie because they are smooth.
    Monster is my favorite because it tastes good.
    5 Gum because it lasts really long.
    Chili because it sits warm in your stomach.
    I would like to live up north with lots of land on the lake. Tahts because iI could hunt,fish,tube, and wakeboared.

  5. 1. juicy fruit because it tastes good.
    2. sprite cuz
    3. ummm im a girl!!!
    4. doughnuts yummmmmm
    5. Colorado all the way!!!

  6. 1. Doublemint because it's minty and good.
    2. Sweet tea is my favorite drink.
    3. My favorite kind of car is the kind that runs. :)
    4. A loaded baked potato. So wonderful.
    5. So far my favorite city is San Antonio, TX. That's where I grew up.

  7. 1) Orbit has been my favorite for awhile because it lasts so long.
    2) Barq's root beer is definitely at the top of the list. No other root beer compares.
    3) I like my car. Whenever I get a new one I'll like that one the best.
    4) Chocolate (no surprised to all of you I'm sure) and Twizzlers
    5) St. Louis! Family, friends and the Cardinals, all in one place.

  8. 1. Orbit because I like their Spearmint
    2. diet coke, because it wakes me up
    3. Honda CRV. It is what I have now
    4. Chicken and Dumplings
    5. Ste. Genevieve because my family is here and it's only 1 hour south of St Louis and 1 hour north of Cape Girardeau

  9. 1. Any flavor. Love popping gum.
    2. Tea or Hot Apple Cider.
    3. BMW
    4.Potato chips
    5. Flordia and Boston

  10. Eclipse, just like it

    Classic Coke, it's good


    Mac & cheese and chicken and gravy

    Colorado Springs b/c the mountains are so close

  11. I like Stride the best, but all gum is good because we can finally chew it in school.
    Diet Pepsi, its the best.
    I like 2010 BMZ 7 Series.
    I LOVE icecream
    I love California or Florida.

  12. 1. Wrigleys - They have a lot of different flavors.
    2. Water - Its just refreshing and good for you.
    3. Corvette
    4. Chocolate
    5. Texas - It is home to me, but I really love living in South Korea where I am now.

  13. 1. Doublemint because I've always liked the taste.
    2. Diet Coke because it tastes great!
    3. Jaguar
    4. My favorite comfort food is Cheese-Its!
    5. I'd love to be living in St. Louis.

  14. 1. probobly hubba bubba because it has lots of sugar.
    2. monster it makes me hyped up.
    3. A farreri it looks pretty beastly.
    4. donuts they taste amazing.
    5. somewhere sunny year round like the Bahamas.

  15. 1. hubba bubba
    2. flavored water cuz it tastes good
    3. many
    4. a bag of chips
    5. i'd live in florida cuz itts awesome

  16. Orbit, it last very long! And I hate wasting money and then having to spit it out when it gets yucky!

    Diet Pepsi, it's just DELICIOUS!

    Either, Chevy, BMW, or Lexus, I like Luxury vehicles, and my parents have had chevy's since I was born!

    I really crave popcorn, and any licorice, like Twizzlers or Dots! or JUJU coins! ha


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