Friday, October 8, 2010

Interview With a Stranger

What is your favorite song? Why?

What is your favorite season? Why?

What is your favorite store? Why?

What type of books do you like? Which is your favorite?

What kind of movies do you like?


  1. Gilligan's ilse theme song
    I like gilligans isle

    no school

    I have no favorite store.
    Thats the truth.

    39 clues and Kane cronicles

    Gilligan's isle

  2. 1. My favorite song is "Imagine" by John Lennon. It rings true today, almost 40 years after it was written.

    2. Spring. It is when everything begins again. The world grows bright after the dismal winter and spirits are high.

    3. Barnes and Noble. I can get lost forever looking for books to challenge my mind.

    4. I love comic books. I enjoy the escape from reality they provide.

    5. I love any movie that makes you think and has unexpected events happen.

  3. 1.I love music and have many, many favorite songs!!
    2.Fall is beautiful here in southwestern Virginia.
    3.I like Walmart because of all the stuff--you can shop for food, music, stuff for the house and car all in one place.
    4. I like mysteries the best but my favorite is President Obama's "Dreams from my Father"
    5.I love movies but my favorites are romantic comedies.

  4. 1. I have a lot of songs I really like, but my favorite would have to be "Shameless" by Garth Brooks because it makes me think of my sweetheart!
    2. I like Spring and Fall because it's not too hot and not too cold!
    3. My favorite store is Walmart because it's a one-stop-shop!
    4. I like mysteries and journals written about real peoples' lives. I don't have just one favorite.
    5. I like comedies, and movies that keep you thinking and on the edge of your seat.

  5. What is your favorite song? Why?
    "No Depression" by Uncle Tupelo: I like it because it is originally an old-timey song performed by a band from my home town and is about heaven.

    What is your favorite season? Why?
    Winter: I like it because one can ski, play in the snow, ice skate and celebrate Christmas.

    What is your favorite store? Why?
    I like to visit any used book store because I can always find something interesting and enjoy simply looking around. Old books even have their own smell!

    What type of books do you like? Which is your favorite?
    I like books that use expressive language and that tell the truth about the human condition. My favorite is probably The Great Gatsby -- I read it every summer.

    What kind of movies do you like?
    As with books, I like movies that are honest about who we are as people and that tell true stories about our experience. My favorites are Chariots of Fire and Babette's Feast.

  6. 1. "I will walk with you" by Bruce Hornsby because it comforted me when my Dad died in 1988...
    2. Spring, because the world is made new again after winter
    3. Hard to say, I guess my favorite would be Schnucks, a local grocery store
    4. Suspense, Romance and Biographies, have too many favorites to name one
    5. Romantic comedy

  7. Suspenseful romance

    You've Got A Friend from the '70's b/c friends are very important.

    Autumn, beautiful colors and cool weather.

    Any bakery! Guess why.

    Romantic Comedy

  8. 1) "Breathe" by Michelle Branch - it is calming and soothing, and helps me recharge after a long day.
    2) I love fall. The crisp air, the beautiful leaves and getting fresh, tasty apples!
    3) It depends on what I'm shopping for. Clothes? Kohls. Books? Barnes and Noble. Electronics? Best Buy. Everything? Target!
    4) I love reading books about the Cardinals. Even when I am reading about games and people I know, there is always a new perspective or nugget of information to learn that suddenly brings the game to life in a whole new way.
    5) I like comedies (romantic or otherwise, especially sports) when I'm in a fun mood and mind-bending movies the rest of the time.

  9. 1. Too many to name
    2.Summer, days are longer, its warm and we do a lot activites as a family
    3.T J Maxx, I love to find a good bargin
    4.I haven't read alot of books but I love the Bible

  10. 1. I like the song Colide, because it has really good lyrics.
    2. I like the fall, because it is not to hot and not to cold and It it basketball season!
    3. I like Deb, because I like to go there with Savannah and take pictures in dresses!
    4. I like books about the Holocaust because... I actually don't know why I just do :)
    5. I like Romance movies because the actors are usually hot!


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