Friday, October 8, 2010

interview with a stranger

When you were younger, what was your favorite toy to play with?
What is your favorite shoe brand and why?
Do you think you are a healthy eater? Why
Do you like crablegs? Why?
do you like underwater creatures? Why or why not?


  1. The toy i liked to play with most is brobually my thing were you push the top button and inside the tyhing goes round and round it makes a litlle popping sound!!!!

    Nike because it is suppppeeerrrr BEEEAAASSSTTYYYY!!!!!!!!!

    Yes and no yes because I love vegetables and love fruits but no because I love sweets!!\

    Yes, especially covered in butter!!! Because its G-double O-D good!!!!

    Yes becuase fishys are AWESOME!!!!!

  2. 1. I liked my Easy bBake Oven because I love treats.
    2. I like Nikes because they are cute!
    3.Yes and no if I didn't eat so much sugar Id be a healthy eater.
    4.No... I don't like sea food!
    5. yes they are so beasty they can breath under water!

  3. Umm this little toy that virbated and bounced everywhere.
    Nike's theyre really cutee.
    Umm idk I eat whatever I have.
    Eww hate seafood.
    Umm yeah just dont like to eat them.

  4. 1. I was a big lego fan when I was real young. I really spent a ton of time on my computer by the time I was in 7th grade. (nerds are cool too)

    2. I like Converse. Old School!

    3. No. I eat WAY TOO MUCH fast food. But it is SO GOOD.

    4. Crab legs are okay. They are not my favorite.

    5. They are cool. I once had a 150 gallon salt water tank in my house.

  5. 1. Barbie
    2. New Balance, because they fit my feet
    3. yes, I'm on Weight Watchers
    4. Yes, they are delish!
    5. Yes, most are beautiful

  6. 1. Barbie
    2. I just want a comfortable shoe.
    3. Yes. To live long and to look young.
    4. No. Horrible.
    5. Yes. They are amazing

  7. 1. My favorite toys growing up were Matchbox cars. I could afford them with my allowance and could collect a nice collection. I created city streets in the dirt and houses and would pretend how the people lived and what they did. It was great fun.
    2. I need shoes that have those bubble bottoms. You know, the quarter inch of foam or whatever it is. I have flat feet and they kill me without plenty of cushion.
    3. Healthy eating takes lots of time and preparation. It's usually a time crunch around here and that means garbage a lot of time. I need more healthy food.
    4. Crablegs are my favorite food in all the world. They are sweet and delicious. They take a lot of work to get to, but it is always worth it. MMMmmmmmmmmmmm
    5. I love underwater creatures. My favorite are whales, but I love sea turtles too and fish of all varieties. So beautiful.

  8. A Black baby doll
    Clarke, sturdy loafers
    No, too many chips.
    lOVE crablegs!
    No opinion

  9. 1) I had a cool doll named Lolly. I know, you're jealous.
    2) Nike - they're the most comfortable!
    3) I know I'm not, unfortunately. I try sometimes!
    4) No, not really. I'd rather have shrimp.
    5) Sure why not! Fish entertain me.

  10. 1. Barbie
    2. Avia...oh so comfy
    3. Yes. I have to watch I eat very carefully due to my food allergies.
    4. Yes...I love seafood
    5. Yes...they are funny to watch

  11. Pam S. Sturgeon BayOctober 10, 2010 at 12:30 PM

    My favorite toys were babies and barbies although I LOVED my neighbor's Easy Bake Oven. It was one of the first toys I bought for my daughter when she was old enough!

    Saukony-best arch support EVER!

    50/50 on healthy eating. We try hard, but it's impossible for me to resist chocolate chip cookie dough.

    Crab legs are better than just about anything!
    Lots of work cracking them open, but oh,so good!

    Love the tropical fish and coral because it's something we don't get to see here in fresh water.

  12. I loved my "Sit and Spin" toy!
    My favorite shoes are New Balance shoes.
    NO, I am not that healthy of an eater! I do enjoy fruits and veggies but I eat WAY TOO MUCH candy and chocolate.
    I have never tried crab legs.
    I do enjoy underwater creatures because they are fun to watch!

  13. 1. I really love my barbies.
    2. Favorite shoe is Asics. Great support for running.
    3. I try very hard to eat healthy. I really blow it though when I eat wings. I love them.
    4. I have never had crab legs. It seems like too much work for so little.
    5. One of my most memorable moments was swimming with a dolphin.

  14. 1.Anything that could be used in some sordid, penultimate battle for the universe – when opposing action figure sects went to war, it rarely was for a stake in anything less than universal control.
    2.I don’t have a particular favorite shoe brand. I’m typically up for a comfortable pair of sandals until it snows – then I pick up anything tolerable and on sale from Kohl’s.
    3.At times, I’m a healthy eater. Other times I’m an outspoken glutton for cake, cookies, fried chicken, and my grandmother’s cheesy potatoes.
    4.I love crab legs, because they are delicious. Also, I love the giant pile of hollowed out shells left dripping with remnant butter after I’ve gorged myself on the little sea creatures.
    5.Underwater sea creatures are perfect in an aquarium or any part of the water that I’m currently not occupying. I somehow turn into a squealing little girl anytime a fish brushes up against me in the lake.

  15. 1. my fav toy was polly pockets i think or barbies
    2. i like nike because its comfy and cool
    3. not really because u know wat i eat
    4. not yet cuz i havent tryed it
    5. yes cuz turtles r underwater! they r ma fav!!!!

  16. 1. Legos were my favorite toy because, although I preferred playing Barbies, my sister would make me miserable while waiting for me to set up house. (I wanted to be an interior decorator at the time.)
    2. Saucony is my favorite brand of shoe because they are the most comfy running shoes for old feet like mine!
    3. I'm not a healthy eater, per se, but I like to think that I offset my Ben & Jerry's binges with a salad or two throughout the week.
    4. I don't think that I've ever had crab legs (that I recall, at least).
    5. I like the prospect of there being a whole world that we're not aware of underwater, but I wouldn't want to encounter any sea creatures one on one.


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