Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Badlands National Park.

There are many things I learmed about Badalnds National Park. I am glad i picked this place to do my report on. Over 380,000 people come to visit every year. Badlands National Park was mostly formed by erosion over the years. This used to be miles of open plains and rolling hills. Now it is open dry grassy plains, mountains, and forests. There are so many different mamals that live there. Glaciers, rain, wind, volcanoes, and many other forms of erosion helped formed this.
There are amny different resons for coming to see this place. People have been coming here for decades. In the 1900's people started to realize its scientific quality. Then they startyed to find fossils and stuff. They also have tours and places you could hike. I have wen there before and i highly suggest u come to visit.


  1. this seems like an interesting place to visit. It seems like it has alot of hystorical background. It seems to have a lot of neat things to see there. I never heard of this place before either. It would be a cool place to see though.

  2. I think that this tells me alot of information about Badlands National Park. It looks like you know alot of stuff about this place.It makes me thinking about wanting to go there. It sounds like a interesting place to be at. If I had a choice i think that I would deffinataly think about going to this place.


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