Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The United States Capitol

I have learned a lot about the United States Capitol. I did not know that the Capitol was added onto and rebuilt so many times. I have also learned the whole building process of the Capitol and how big it is. The United States Capitol is also a museum of paintings and pieces of important history. Some of the paintings are from the country's greatest artists.
I think people should visit the United States Capitol because it is the center of their country's government. You can see your government at work doing things for you. You will also be able to see a lot of artwork by some of the countries greatest artists. If you visit the Capitol you will see history of your government and how it was started. Once you visit you will know your country better.


  1. I really dont know that much about the capitol. I would like to visist someday because it is very big and its probally beautiful. I would also like to see it because that is where the presidant lives.

  2. This seems very interesting. I don't know much about the capitol but i would like to go there someday. Good summary of your research paper.


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