Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Statue of Liberty

I learned many things about the Statue of Liberty. I found out that there was once a fire that burned inside of the tourch, of the Statue of Liberty. As well, as that thousands and thousands, of people vist the statue everyday, looking at the history inside and outrside of it. I also find out, it was a gift from France, to the United States, and though it was a lovely gift the U.S didn't want it at first. owards the end of my research I read that there was an elevatr, and stairs to get to the top, who would be crazy enough to walk up all those stairs, I'm just saying that'd take forever.

I think people would want to vist the Statue of Liberty because of wants inside of it, and the facts that it holds. The veiw from the top is a pretty site so that, is also a good reason to go. ( It truley is a breath taking veiw, and if you go at a certain time you can see the stars, shinny like tiny diamonds, on the surface of the sky.) Well, inside you could go on tours, and take pictures, go to gift shops, and buy things, that you can save to remind you of the day you saw the Statue of Liberty.


  1. This is a great two paragraphs, Ashley! I learned afew facts about the statue from just reading your blog post!
    Your second paragraph was also really good! You explained why you would want to visit the Statue of Liberty.
    Aside from a few spelling and grammer mistakes, your post was really good!

  2. This is a very good post. It gives me alot of information that wouold be really helpful if I wanted to go there. It looks like you learned alot of information about the Statue of Liberty.It sounds like a very interesting place to see and I would like to go there one day. It has alot of historical facts behind it.

  3. I'm just adding a few more sentances to make my comment 5 sentances.

    I like how you put what you thought about the topic into your blog post. That makes the reader think about what they might think about the Statue of Liberty.


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