Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Social Bookmarking By: Natalie and Becca

The social bookmarking is all about popular webpages and places visited on the internet. Whenever someone thinks a webpage on the internet could provide useful information to many other people, they can post the webpage on the social bookmarking page. The social bookmarking page is mainly used to help other people find information faster than searching it on the internet and trying to find a good source to use.
People of all ages can use this tool so then it can be easier to find information on the internet. For example, people do not need to go onto Yahoo or Google and try to find one information source out of thousands available to the public. The social bookmarking page can hold thousands of different information sources to help anyone. Click here to see what the social bookmarking page looks like. -> Link Here
This webpage could be useful in classrooms so then kids would not be spending a long time on the computer trying to find one information page. That way more kids would be able to use the computers faster by just going onto a social bookmarking page. This website we have listed in the blue shows how fast information can be found on social bookmarking pages. -> Link Here

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