Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rainbow Bridge

My topic was the Rainbow Bridge. I had no idea that it was built while World War II was going on while it was being built. I also found out that it was built to replace another bridge. The bridge has a fascinating history. I also learned that life nets were placed under the bridge while it was being built so that if anyone fell, they would be saved. That's awesome!
I think that people should visit the Rainbow Bridge because it is a great symbol of peace. It It is right by Niagara Falls, too. The scenery is beautiful on top of the bridge. When you drive over the bridge, you can see an incredible view of the falls. It has a great history and has survived a war.


  1. For starters it has a pretty name, and as for it being built during a war, that in a way is sorta sad. It could have been torn down, (OR BOMBED) at any time. It's a symbol of peace? That's cool, I never knew that. And seeing the falls would be a lovely sight, to see, I think it would be wonderful! (Wonderful to see the falls and the bridge.)

  2. That is weird, why a building would be in construction, while the U.S. was paying for a major war. Why is the Rainbow Bridge a symbol of piece. It seems to me that you have been here before.


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