Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Google Applications

Our topic is Google Applications. Google Applications allows you to search tools, google books, google news widgets, use Google Docs, and google maps. This gives many resources to enhance the learning experience for both students and teachers. If you use this, you can save money, have privacy and security, you are able to collaborate, and you can receive help easily.
We could use this tool daily by finding resources for homework, making charts and graphs, teachers could create quizes, tests, or puzzles easily, translating documents, or using a dictionary or thesaurus. We can do all of that AND MORE on Google Applications. This would be helpful to people our age because we could use this for homework.
We could use this website in the classroom because it collaborates globaly, meaning that you can open the same document from any computer without saving it on a flash drive.

Victoria Chaudoir #5
Hailey Larsen #9

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  1. We love to use Google maps at our house. The details are incredible.


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