Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Golden Gate Bridge

I wrote my research paper on The Golden Gate Bridge. I learned some new facts about it like how it was made, when it was made, and who built it. Intresting fact i learned about it was that is a common place for people who want to commit suicide. It was built during the Great Depression. It was hard to earn money to build it.
Before the bridge was built when ever someone needed to get to the other side they had to take a ferry. It toke them along time to build the bridge and had a few difficults along the way. Some lives were lost during the making of this bridge. Strauss the person that helped build it didnt like the thought of people dieing so he put a net below so it can catch people when they fall. They have phone line on the bridge so you can call when you see someone is going to jump off or they are thinking about it.


  1. I would like to visit the Golden Gate Bridge because it sound very intresting and it would be cool to see. I didnt know that many people commit suiside on the bridge you would probally never see that because it is so high. I also would want to visit it because ive mnever been on that side of the country.

  2. the Golden Gate Bridge sounds like an interesting monument. I had no idea that it was a common place for people to commit suicide!It's a good thing that they have the phone there! It's a good thing that they built the bridge so that it wouldn't take long to cross the river. I'd like to visit the bridge one day

  3. i liked what you wrote. I would definently viset this place if i ever got the chance. I just dont under stand why you randomly told us that people would comit suicide there. other than that I liked your post

  4. I was able to cross the Golden Gate Bridge about six years ago when on a family vacation. The thing I remember most was the number of potholes. I think there was a pothole every 10 feet or so! The view of the bay was amazing from the bridge though!
    Mr. C


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