Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ed and Matt:Blogs;

What are Blogs? Thats a great quetstion. Blogging is when you make a post for people to read, and also for people to possibly comment. I think blogging is a usefull thing to do. You can just write about anyhing you want, and people can read it. This also inspires other people to start blogging. Bloggin can have any type of topic. One blog you can be talking about Kentucky being the best college basketball team, because of John Wall, or other times you could be talking bout astronauts.
When you do this, youn can get information out a lot faster to people. People from any corner of the world can view your post, and you can also view anyone's post from anywhere. Going to different types of websites you can view people's blogs. Not all websites have sections for blogging. So, make sure to go to a website that has blogging if you want to view blogs. Some of these websites are:blogger , wordpress, myspace, and many other websites. By looking at these post from other people we can learn about different things, and how other peolpe view things.
You can even use blogging for class websites such as ours. Teachers can make blogg assignments for grades. If you need help on homework, or if you need information you can just post a blogg, and people can comment on it. On our website we have a weekly blogg assingment, and we also can blogg anytime. Other classmates can view and comment their fellow calssmates' bloggs

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