Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rocky Mountain National Park

I learned many interesting facts, actually. I learned about all the animals, plants, environment, and landforms. Learning about the life zones were probably the most interesting thing that I learned about. There are three life zones: the montane zone, the subalpine zone, and the alpine zone. I also enjoyed learning about the weather and color changes.

I think you would enjoy going to the park if you enjoy being outside. You would also enjoy the park if you enjoy hiking, biking, or horseback riding. A lot of visitors go to Rocky Mountain National Park for the many activities. Some also go for the wildlife watching and the color changes. All in all, Rocky Mountain National Park is a great place for a vacation!


  1. I had no clue about the different zones in mountains. I would like to learn more about the Rock Mountain Range.

  2. I agree, the zones are interesting facts. I like biking, but not the outdoors so much. I might enjoy going to the Rocky Mountain National Park. I would like to go to Colorado, the weather is different from Wisconsin. It would be nice to always be in the sun.


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