Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Yellowstone National Park

My paper was on Yellowstone national park located in Wyoming,Idaho, Montana. It is a huge park and there is many things to do there with your family. It has lots of water features, animals and different types of land forms. I would like to visit here because it is it half of the country and I've never been on that side of the country. Over 1 million people visit Yellowstone each year.
I think that people should visit Yellowstone if the like animals and like to just relax and watch the wild life. You can camp there or you can stay in a hotel in the park boundries or stay in a hotel down the street fro m the park. It is open all year round in summer and in winter. Iwould rather go in summer becuase i like warmer weather better than cold weather.


  1. I think this is a very interesting park with a wide variety of wild life. It would be very cool to see all of the many features of this park. It would be neat if you could go there once in the summer and once in the winter to see the difference bettween the park at differnent times of the year. It would also be neat to camp out in the park so you can also see what it is like at night. It would be fun to see all of the many things in this park.

  2. i think this is a very intresting park because of all the animals that are there. I would love to go during the summer and winter to see what is looks like between the too diffrent seasons. I would like to see Yellowstone sometime.


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