Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sequoia and Redwoods

Sequoias and Redwoods are very interesting. I found out that they are the largest living things on the face of the earth. I also learned that Sequoia can grow different trees off of their own trunks. Other Sequoias or ferns can grow off of the original trees also. Redwoods are the tallest trees, but Sequoias are the largest trees. They are both located in California.

Kings Canyon is a great place to go on vacation. You are able to see the biggest living things to ever live on the earth. Although, Sequoias and Redwoods are the main attraction of Kings Canyon, there are many other things to see. You are able to see huge canyons, many different animals, and various activites that you can be apart of. Kings Canyon also has a lot of history that is very interesting. They have a program that you can donate money to the park to help the parks needs


  1. I always thought that Redwoods and Sequois were the same tree. I find it interesting that they can grow different trees off of their own trunks. Experts are correct when they say, "You learn something new everyday." I would love to see the largest living things on this earth. That should be their campaign. I would for sure go see King Canyon, if I had the chance.

  2. Jason, this is a very interesting topic! It's very interesting how they can grow on different trunks! I never knew that! I also didn't know that other plants can grow off the trees! I've visited the Redwoods and Sequois while I was in California. They are truly very huge! I never know all of those facts before I visited there or after! This would be very interesting for others to learn about.

  3. Well done Jason. Your post is very accurate and well written. It is important to always do research before putting facts into your writing and you've done a very good job of it. I visit Kings Canyon regularly and the Giant Sequoias never fail to impress me.


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