Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Today's Blogging Assignment

Welcome to the last words I'll ever ask you to write about your research paper! This is a multi-step assignment, so follow closely.

First, Write a blog post on what you have learned from your paper. The title should be the name of your particular monument or park. It should be 2 paragraphs of 5 sentences each. The first paragraph should include facts that you learned that you thought were interesting. The second should include reasons why you think someone should visit your particular park or monument.

Second, read through some of your classmates posts on their topics. Choose two that you will comment on and write a response. Try to choose posts that have not been commented on yet to make your comments on. You may choose a third post to comment on for extra credit. These comments must also be 5 full sentences.

This is a 40 point assignment. Each sentence you write will be worth 2 points - 1 point for writing a complete sentence and 1 for making that sentence error-free. Proofreading is a must; and capitalization, punctuation and grammar are all important! This will be due Thursday at the beginning of the day.

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